Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers say Fidel should protect his only sister

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This worried man needs advice (Illustration)

60% of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters say Fidel should take up the responsibility of defending his only sister so that her husband would not kill her.

Fidel is not happy that his only sister, Didi, is living with great pains in her husband's home and she is doing everything to cover it up.

But Fidel got to know that Jones has been beating his sister, inflicting injuries on her every time, though Didi would not allow him to intervene to save her.

He has decided to take matters into his hands to protect his sister who has sacrificed everything for him and his other siblings.

Read his story here:

"My name is Fidel, a 28-year-old young man living and working in Lagos though I am from the eastern part of the country.

I come from a family of four, with two brothers and an only sister who is going through hell in her husband's house but has refused to leave because of her children.

We lost our parents when we were quite young, something that prompted my sister, Didi, to get married quite early so she could take care of us.

I think Didi was just 19 when she got married to Jones and they had four children in quick succession. Being the oldest child, Didi did everything for us, sometimes even going against her husband's wishes just so we would be okay.

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Didi could sacrifice her life for us and we, in turn, love her so much and it is heartbreaking that she has been going through so much pains in her husband's house.

The painful thing is that Didi had hidden the abuses she was getting from Jones for several years and anytime we noticed bruises on her face, she would come up with one excuse or the other so as to cover up.

I only got to know two years ago that Jones had been beating up my sister when their first child came to spend a holiday with me. It was the boy who told me that his dad had been beating his mummy for many years and that he hated the father so much for always beating his mother.

I could not believe what my little nephew told me and when I prodded some more, he said that most of the injuries we see on his mother were inflicted by the father.

I called Didi to come to my place that weekend and when she came, I laid it bare and told her there was nothing more to hide as I now knew what was going on. She even tried to feign ignorance but her son repeated what he had told me to her face.

That was when my only sister told me how she had endured through years of domestic and emotional abuse at the hands of her husband. She told me she had contemplated leaving several times but could not because of their children.

I also called Jones sometimes later and over some drinks, I confronted him with the facts I had learned and warned him to desist from beating my sister.

Instead of being apologetic, Jones became aggressive and even insulted me in the process. It took all the self-restrain in me to stop myself from attacking him then but I warned him he will not find it funny anytime he beat my sister.

I am sure he must have told Didi when he got home because she called me to beg me to stay off and that they would sort out every problem they have.

But instead of the abuse abating, it has continued with Jones regularly hitting my sister. The last time he did so, she spent a week in the hospital. I only found out when one of her friends called to tell me.

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I have had enough of that wife beater and I think I should deal with him squarely to teach him some lessons but Didi has vowed never to have anything to do with me if I should take matters into my hands.

I love my sister so much and it breaks my heart that a man would be treating her that way and the annoying thing is that she is not helping herself.


The teaser for the day was:

What do you think Fidel should do here?

How Nigeria voted:

Fidel should defy his sister and handle the situation like a man - 60%

Fidel should not interfere in what does not concern him - 10%

Fidel should rather report that matter to human rights activists - 33%

Fidel should continue talking to Jones to stop beating his wife - 7%

How would you vote here?

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