Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers say Uchenna should forgive Oluchi but send her packing

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This man is really sad and needs advice

50% of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters are of the opinion that Uchenna should forgive Oluchi but he must never take her back into his house.

Uchenna has been married to Oluchi for 10 years with three children. He strives to make sure his family is always happy.

However, Oluchi does not have the same vision Uchenna has as she has constantly brought shame to him with her flirtatious lifestyle.

Now, she has done the worse by sleeping with one of their neighbours on their matrimonial bed and Uchenna has vowed to send her packing.

Read his story here:

"My name is Uchenna, a 40-year-old businessman living in Lagos with my family. I have been married for 10 years to Oluchi and we have three children but as I speak, the marriage is at the point of crashing.

The reason I say so is because of my wife's adulterous lifestyle which I have found not only embarrassing but unacceptable. I have condoned her wayward life for several years now but this time, nothing can ever make me forgive her and take her back.

Our Pastor, church elders, friends and some family members have all begged me to forgive her for the sake of the children but I am sure they will not be saying that if they were in my shoes.

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Even though I am not a millionaire, I make sure I do everything possible to make my family comfortable. My children attend a good private school and there has not been a day we do not have enough food in the house.

I have opened about five businesses for Oluchi but most of them crumble within a year. Even when she had those businesses, I never for one day, shirked in my responsibility of providing for her and the kids.

But what did she repay me with? Sleeping around with different men and whenever she is caught, she would cry and beg, promising to change. She is quick to blame a spiritual force as being behind her.

The last straw that broke the Camel's back was when we packed into a new apartment and barely two months later, Oluchi was caught red-handed having sex with a married neighbour in our bedroom.

I often leave home very early for my office on the Island and I was just about settling down to the day's business when my landlord called me and said I should come back immediately as there was trouble. At first, I thought something had happened to my wife or any of my children.

I begged him to tell me what the problem was but the landlord refused to tell me though he said I should put my mind at rest as he only needed my presence to sort out the problem.

I had to hurriedly make my way back home and immediately, I knew there was serious trouble as I drove into the compound. There was a crowd that spilled out into the street, with people talking excitedly.

I asked some neighbours what the problem was but the way they avoided me further told me it was more than what I thought.

I managed to push my way into the crowd and lo and behold, there was my wife, stark naked, sitting on the floor with the man who was equally naked. I stood there shell-shocked, trying to make head or tail out of the strange sight.

From what I gathered, the man had sneaked into our apartment, not knowing that his wife who had been suspicious for a while, was monitoring him. The woman then informed other neighbours who mobilized and forced their way into our apartment and caught them red-handed.

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I had to beg my neighbours and the landlord to let Oluchi go as they had wanted to lynch her and I promptly sent her out of my house because I had had enough of the disgrace.

Now she is begging, sending people to plead on her behalf, to take her back but for how long will I continue to live with such a woman?"

The teaser for the day was:

Would you forgive and take back Oluchi if you were Uchenna?

How Nigeria voted:

Yes, I will forgive her if she promises to turn a new leaf - 18%

No, I will never forgive or take Oluchi back - 5%

I will forgive her but never take her back - 50%

That will be the end of our marriage - 26%

How will your vote swing here?

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