Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers say Ugochukwu should forget about Nkechi

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This man is really sad and needs advice

46% of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters have all urged Ugochukwu to forget about Nkechi and get himself another wife.

Ugochukwu is heartbroken after a woman he loved and sponsored through the university suddenly realized he is illiterate and cannot marry him.

The most annoying thing is that Nkechi has told him that her new boyfriend who is based in South Africa is willing to back Ugochukwu whatever he expended on her.

What should he do as he is devastated?

"My name is Ugochukwu, a 40-year-old businessman. I am very angry at the moment and if care is not taken, I may end up killing somebody for what she has done to me.

I met Nkechi about 10 years ago when I went to the village for Christmas. I was still struggling to move my business to the next level having served my master for seven years.

Nkechi was still in the secondary school but there was no way she could go to a university because her parents were not that wealthy. After making my intentions known to her, we went to meet her parents to tell them I wanted to marry her.

Nkechi too accepted to marry me but said I must send her to the university first as she wanted to be a graduate before getting married.

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Being someone who did not have a proper education, I readily agreed with her suggestion because I had always wanted my wife to be educated.

After her secondary education, Nkechi got admission into a university in the east and even though I was still struggling in my business, I did all I could to make sure I paid for her education and cater for all her needs.

Even when friends said I should at least, make some commitment in the relationship or get her pregnant, I refused to take their advice because I never thought Nkechi could betray me.

Their argument was that Nkechi could meet someone while in school and dump me after sending her to school. But how wrong I was as things have turned out the way my friends predicted?

I began to notice some changes in Nkechi early this year when she would not pick my calls most times and only called when she needed money. Even when I travel to her school to visit her, Nkechi would be evasive and not happy seeing me.

When I tried to find out what the problem was, she would tell me that the pressure of school and being in the final year was too much for her. After some time, she told me not to be coming to her school so she could concentrate.

The last time I went home, Nkechi refused to see me for three days and even when she came, she was in a hurry to leave and would not even allow me to make love to her.

Could you imagine that two months ago, Nkechi called me and told me she was no longer interested in the marriage as she cannot marry an illiterate like me? She said she was in love with another man and that the man would pay me everything Kobo I spent on her.

I was very confused and traveled home to meet her parents who told me that she had also told them the same thing and there was nothing they could do about it as it was her decision.

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I got to find out that the man she left me for lives in South Africa and has promised to take her there once they are married.

My parents too have told me to forget about Nkechi and get another woman but how can I ever forget her after all I did for her?

How can a woman be that wicked? Now I hear their marriage has been fixed for this December.

I need advice from your readers before I do something stupid.


The teaser for the day was:

What do you think Ugochukwu should do?

How Nigeria voted:

Ugochukwu should make sure the marriage does not hold - 4%

Ugochukwu should forget Nkechi and look for another woman - 46%

Ugochukwu should make sure Nkechi pay back the money he spent on her - 42%

Ugochukwu should deal with Nkechi and the new man - 8%

How would you vote here?

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