Pulse Opinion: Mediocrity and why a lot of Nigerians have to be sacked

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The placard of Kaduna state teacher protesting. The statement on the placard says a lot of what is wrong with Nigeria

Kaduna teachers are just a symptom of the culture of mediocrity in Nigeria.

The case of the Kaduna state teachers goes to show how some Nigerians have an intimate relationship with mediocrity.

Teachers in Kaduna vandalized the State Assembly because Governor El-Rufai sacked 21,000 teachers who failed an exam for Primary 4 students.

For proof El-Rufai shared a few of the exam scripts on Twitter to show that thousands of Kaduna children were not getting the best of education.

Normally you would think this move by the Kaduna state government would be universally applauded, but it has found a few critics online who are more bothered with what would happen to the teachers than then students.


The uproar over El-Rufai's move shows that many Nigerians are comfortable with mediocrity. There are a bunch of us who want the status quo to remain unchallenged, who want mediocrity to be the standard.


This is because it is easier to demand change than activating change. When we know we will be put on the scale too, we start to backpedal.

As citizens, we have every right to demand that the government does better but if we cannot use this same energy in our personal lives, Nigeria cannot be better.

Nigerians wail about corruption in high places while bribing their neighbourhood PHCN man. We bribe our way through a lot of things and condemn Nigeria politicians for doing the same thing.

The reason why Nigeria continues to punch below its weight is because we are comfortable with mediocrity. At the end of the day, we get the country we deserve.

Lagosians have been complaining about the rickety danfo buses since forever. When Governor Ambode announced his plans to do away with these buses and their drivers and bring new ones, you would think that it would be met with unanimous applause.


Some people legitimately complained that the unruly drivers would be out of jobs if the new buses are introduced. You just can't please Nigerians. I bet if the Federal Government announces that 24 hour uninterrupted power is now a reality people would complain that the seller of generators would be out of jobs.

Essentially, we dream of a land of milk and honey but the bitter truth is that many of us are not willing to milk the cows or go to the beehive to get that honey. We pay lip service to excellence and it ends there. When it is time to make the hard decisions, we moan and complain.

Nigeria can't be better if we clamour for change and cry when a few bones are broken in the process. If this country must progress a lot of people would be out of jobs.

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