Rape & Consent: Guys, no means no!

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Young men, if you do not have the consent of your sexual partner before sex, then it is rape.

Once again the issue of rape and consent is back on our timelines on our social media.

And to be honest, talking about rape will never be enough. It needs to be spoken about until it is universally clear that rape is an abominable act.

The recent conversation about rape on our social timelines is tied with consent. This has been a grey area for most men who believe that if a lady comes to sleep over that means she is willing to have sex.


This is a wrong belief. If a woman doesn't expressly and clearly give you consent to have sex with her it is rape. If a lady does not verbally say 'yes', then back off. Any move you make towards her after this will be considered rape.

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Guys, it is quite simple. If she doesn't say yes, leave her alone. If she comes to your crib in a sexy outfit, it doesn't give you the permission to make a sexual move on her. Instead of getting verbal consent, men have deceived themselves into thinking that certain gestures are an invitation to sex.


If a woman sleeps on the same bed with you, it is not an invitation to sex. Cuddling is not consent. Spooning is not consent. I repeat, if she does not verbally agree to have sex, then it is rape.

Consent is such a critical aspect of sexual relationships. Picture this scenario. If your friend with benefits or your girlfriend had earlier agree to have sex when she comes to your place, she has every right to turn down your sexual advances later on.

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Even during sex, if a woman says "no" or "stop", you have to stop. Anything you do after that is rape and you can go to jail for it.

Allow me to summarize everything into one sentence, if there is no consent, there should be no sex. 

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