Season Of Madness: Another woman stabs husband with broken bottle Zamfara [Graphic Photo]

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A few days after the son of a former PDP Chairman was stabbed to death by his wife, another man has been stabbed by his wife during a quarrel.

A few days after Bilyaminu Bello, the son of former Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP], Haliru Bello, was stabbed to death by his wife, Maryam Sanda, another man who incidentally bears the same name, Bilyaminu Yusuf, has suffered the same fate.

The new incident, according to Hausa news portal, Rariya, happened in Gusau, Zamfara State where it was reported that Yusuf was stabbed by his wife, Murjanatu, during a quarrel in their home at the Tudun Wada area of Gusau.

It was gathered that Yusuf and Murjanatu got into an argument over a yet to be ascertained issue and in the heat of the moment, she broke a bottle and stabbed him several times on the head and chest.

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Yusuf was said to have been rushed to the Gusau General Hospital where doctors have been battling to save his life.

Murjanatu, according to the report, has since been arrested by the police where she is being detained while an investigation has commenced in earnest.

This is how Rariya reported the matter:

'WATA SABUWA A GARIN GUSAU: Wata Ta Dabawa Mijinta Kwalba

Wata matar aure a garin Gusau na jihar Zamfara ta buga wa mijinta kwalba a kansa daga bisani ta yi amfani da tsinin kwalbar ta caka masa shi a kirji.

Idan ba a manta ba, kwana biyu da ake cigaba da Allah wadai akan matar da ta kashe mijinta a babban birnin tarayya Abuja; a yau kuma, a babban birnin jihar Zamfara wato Gusau, a yankin Tudun Wada, Filin Jirgi Area, wata matar mai suna Murjanatu, ta mamayi mijinta mai suna Bilyaminu Yusuf ta hanyar buga masa kwalba akansa sannan tayi amfani da tsinin kwalbar ta daka masa a kirji.

Inda a yanzu haka Jami'an lafiya na ci gaba da kokarin ceto ransa.

Masu karatu me za ku ce kan wannan?'

Read the translation here:

'Another instance has occurred in Gusau: Woman stabs her husband with bottle

A woman in Gusau, the capital of Zamfara State has stabbed her husband in his chest with a broken bottle.

This is happening few days after a woman stabbed her husband in his chest in Abuja which has caused outburst on social media.

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This instance happened in Tudun Wada area of Gusau where a woman, Murjanatu, took her husband, Bilyaminu Yusuf by surprise when she stabbed him in his chest with a bottle. The victim is currently receiving treatment in hospital.

What are your thoughts on this?'

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