Skulls: The connection between this human part and black magic

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Skulls are used a lot in dark magic

Skulls are common in black magic and many ritual practices.

On Tuesday, November 21, 2017, a man in Kwara state was arrested for possession of seven human skulls.

This story that feels like a story from Hammer House of Horror is regular in Nigerian society. Strange men are found with human parts especially skulls on them.

Nigerians are no strangers to black magic and the world of the occult. If you are a Christian or Muslim you must have heard scary stories of people who take commercial buses only to end up mysteriously in shrines in a strange place. We have heard tales of people used for ritual killings and men who have disappeared never to be seen again.

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In Nigeria, black magic or the dark arts is never too far from everyday living especially human skulls. What does this part of the skeleton play in the underworld?

"Skulls are also viewed quite often as the seat of the soul, or more to the point, the crucible of spiritual transmutation," writes Matthew Venus for Spiritus Arcanum.

"More often than not the skull serves as a vessel for the spirit of the creature it belonged to in life  he further writes.


Apart from this function, skulls can be used to talk to the dead.

"The skull is also used in “tapping the bone, or works which are designed around necromancy, particularly those which are meant to contact the Ancestors and the Mighty Dead," writes Matthew Venus.

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In the Nigerian society, skulls are said to be used for money making rituals. Skulls and other human parts are allegedly used in these rituals. Maybe this is why they are in high demand.

Many people who were caught with skulls don't confess they use it for money rituals. It's covered in a cloak of whispers.

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