Sour Grapes: This Kenyan man says Nigerian women are ugly

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Andrew KIbe believes Nigerian women are s ugly as hell

This Kenyan man is not happy that women from their country seem to prefer Nigerian men and is wonderinjg why it is so.

A Kenyan man who says he is a blogger and journalist has fired shots at Nigerians and as usual, he has not been finding it easy with Nigerians who gave it back to him in equal measure.

The man, Andrew Kibe drew the bile of Nigerians when he went on Youtube to rant about Nigerian women being very ugly while their men do not know how to speak good English.

The visibly angry Kibe wondered why Kenyan women were very comfortable dating Nigerian men, saying it was because our guys dole out the cash and that their women are so cheap to fall for the West African hunks.

Kibe continued that he saw no reason why Kenyan ladies would choose to relate to Nigerians instead of them.

Still complaining about how Nigerian men steal their women before their noses, Kibe said Nigerian women are very ugly as hell and that was the reason they leave Nigeria to travel to other countries.

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He said Nigeria does not have beautiful women and that was one of the reasons the men run out of the country to Kenya to snatch their ladies from them.

Not done yet, Kibe continued by saying that Nigerian men cannot even speak good English but yet the Kenyan women fancy them for some reason he could not understand.

The aggrieved Kibe went ahead to add that the last time Nigeria had a noticeably beautiful woman was about 20 years ago, and the woman was Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic.

He accused Kenyan women of being with Nigerian men for money, and for the main fact that they are foreigners, adding that Nigerians don't even have electricity and shouldn't even be able to step up to them.

But trust Nigerians not to take such an insult lying low and like the case of the famous Jollof rice debate, they gave it back to Kibe in good measure.

Read some of the comments here:

Gin Lens: "Your disjointed teeth are horrible; go see a dentist moron... treat your girls well and they will stay cool. Over there, your girls are prostitutes and they are begging Nigerian men to hire them for the night."

Barth Okey: "Oh my God, this guy is such a loser. I stay in Kenya and you need to see how their women flock after Nigerian men because we know how to take care of them.

A Kenyan man will not spend $5 on a woman while Naija guys can burn $5000 at a go. Why won't their ladies prefer us?"

Tony Nwoji: "Who is this sore loser? Can the most beautiful woman in Kenya compare to the ugliest Nigerian girl? Nah bro, go get a life and don't hate on a giant."

Nkem Odili: "I can't laugh enough. Andrew Kibe or what do you call yourself, I have just one word for you: run along broke ass. If your men were so good, no Nigerian man will take them from you. I feel your pains bro but up your game. We are heads and shoulders ahead of Kenya in every facet."

Zikki: "I really pity Andrew Kibe. I am sure our sharp guys have taken his woman and he does not have the guts to fight for her. Can you name the most beautiful girl in Kenya and let's do the comparison?"

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Kaka: "I am a Kenyan and I know Andrew Kibe very well. He is just a sour grape. If you were man enough, Nigerian guys will not snatch your girlfriend. Grow up bro and stop blaming your misfortune on others."

Zizi: "I am a Kenyan lady and I will always defend Nigerian men at all times. They know how to take care of women and that is why we go for them. Our men in Kenya are so stingy, selfish and want you to pay for dinner when you go out.

They hardly give you money to take care of yourself. But you know the difference when you date a Nigerian guy. They are the best."

Pete Okigbo: "This guy is so ugly I wonder if women in Kenya would even agree to date him. Such disjointed dentition. Baba, work on yourself before accusing others."

Watch Andrew Kibe's video here:

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