Super Woman: This lady stood up to PHCN workers.... and won [Video]

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This woman took on the PHCN staff all on her own

An angry woman who would not allow the staff of the PHCN disconnect her power threw caution to the wind and fought them to a standstill.

There was an epic drama as an angry woman threw caution to the wind and took on some staff of the Ikeja Electricity PLC who had gone to disconnect her power in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State.

According to a Facebook video posted by the IEP on its page, the staff of the company were on a routine disconnection exercise in the area when the woman stood up to them and climbed the ladder to threaten the man who was already on the pole to disconnect her light.

In the video, the visibly enraged woman who spoke in the Yoruba language, dared the IEP staff to disconnect her power and said she was ready to fight them to a standstill.

Raining curses and insults on the man, the woman threatened to bring the man down from the pole as well cause him physical harm.


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While reporting the case of harassment on its staff, the Ikeja Electric PLC wrote on their Facebook page thus:

"In the course of carrying out their lawful duties, our staff are often assaulted by ‘consumers’ who attempt to prevent them from performing their responsibilities.

This video is a typical illustration and it captures an irate woman, a resident of Igbogbo in Ikorodu, threatening to harm an IE staff who was in the process of disconnecting her from power supply because she has consistently failed to pay her electricity bill.


In a show of utter recklessness, she threw caution as well as her dignity and wrapper to the wind, to demonstrate her penchant for violence while raining curses on the member of staff who was only doing his job.

She was so incensed that she failed to see the risk of electrocution she exposed herself to by touching the ladder without any protective gear on.

The situation could also have quickly escalated beyond control if the ladder lost its footing and caused our staff serious bodily harm or worse. It took the intervention of other residents of the community to contain her.

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Ikeja Electric wishes to remind the general public that we maintain our zero tolerance stance on assault on any member of staff and will not hesitate to seek legal redress against any person who assaults any member of staff.


Assault is an offence punishable under Nigerian law and we shall ensure that justice is served on persons found guilty of assaulting our staff."

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