Tired Of Life... This young lady is contemplating taking her own life [Video]

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This pretty girl, Dunamis Bibiana Beryl says she is tired of life and wants to commit suicide

Nigerians have been so worried after this young lady posted a video of herself saying she wanted to commit suicide.

Nigerians have been begging this young lady who posted a heartbreaking video on Facebook where she threatened to commit suicide because 'she is tired of life.'

In the video which has gone viral and is now a source of worry for many, the heartbroken lady, Dunamis Bibiana Beryl, is heard lamenting that life has no more meaning for her and she has been contemplating taking her life and ending it all.

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Beryl shared the video in which she is seen crying and grieving about how things have always gone wrong for her whenever they seem to be going right.


Captioning the video ‘Suicide on my mind,’ she lamented how things have been going worse and worse for her every time she thinks things will go right.

She said she misses her mum though she did not say if the mother is dead or not. She claims to be tired of life and wants anyone to tell her things will be alright, even if they lie to her.

The pathetic video got many Nigerians wondering what could have gone so bad for Beryl to contemplate suicide, with many telling her to either seek counseling or spiritual guidance so she could be helped.

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Many others, however, believe she is just seeking attention with the video but however one looks at it, it seems Beryl is really depressed and we hope she will get help soon.


Watch the video here:

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