Worthy Ambassador: American celebrates Nigerian Uber driver who returned his $700

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Rogelio Garcia rewarding Adekunle for returning his money

An American trial lawyer has been waxing lyrical about an honest Nigerian Uber driver who returned $700 he misplaced in his cab.

A top lawyer in the United States, Rogelio Garcia, has continued to celebrate an honest Nigerian Uber driver identified as Adekunle, who traced him and returned the sum of $700 he forgot in his cab.

The Houston, Texas-based Garcia who describes himself as a trial lawyer and a staunch opponent of American President Donald Trump, was so impressed by Adekunle's act of honesty, took to his verified Twitter account to shower encomium on the Uber driver.


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The lawyer narrated how he misplaced the money which is about N252, 000 by the current exchange rate in Adekunle's cab and the honest Nigerian, without knowing who he was and his address, did everything possible to trace him and return the money.


He added that he was very impressed by the act coming from a man who is from a country where many of its citizens are seen to be corrupt and dishonest.

He even made a Twitter video capturing the moment Adekunle returned the money and how he gave him a $100 tip in appreciation.


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Read what Garcia shared on his Twitter:

"Lost $700 plus money clip in UBER this morning. I am running late for my nephew to file for the US representative spot District 29. I locate Uber 7 hrs later. An immigrant from Nigeria [Uber driver] returns my lost money. Who says we need to exclude immigrants?

I asked him how he found it and he said another female passenger got in his car after me and handed [found $ in the back seat] the money to him. They both counted it and he remembered the man with a distinctive cowboy hat."

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