You Know I'm Just Joking by Ayomide Tayo: Dammy Krane should slow down

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Dammy Krane should take it easy

Dammy Krane needs to focus on his career and leave petty beef alone.

Ever since Dammy Krane came back from his near incarceration in the US, he has been up to no good.

If you check the news stories, Dammy Krane has dissed Tekno and Orezi within a very short space. He has also claimed that a certain TV station has refused to play his music video after he allegedly gave payola.

Dammy Krane is behaving like the Incredible Hulk right now, trying to wreck everything in his path. This is a silly move from the young singer. He should be thankful that he is not languishing in a US prison right now like his famous cousin Sinzu.


Dammy Krane should be mapping a way for his return to the music scene but he seems to be bothered about hairstyles and who is posing with a car that might not be his.

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This talented singer has been down this path before. Remember when he cried foul that his now benefactor Davido jacked his Skelewu dance? Remember when he accused Wizkid of stealing some of his song concepts? That move with Wizkid didn't go down for him well. We all know how that issue with Wizkid turned out- bloody.


Dammy Krane strikes me as one of those singers who has enough talent but not enough work ethic. He shares snaps of his next songs every day on Snap Chat but does little else.

He is talented but he should now realize he is no longer a child. Beefing his peers won't get him anywhere. It is time for him to grow up and focus fully on his career than throwing subs.

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