You Know I'm Just Joking by Ayomide Tayo: Mugabe and all the old people, please come and be going

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Aren't you tired of old people like Mugabe?

It is time for Robert Mugabe and other ineffective old people in Africa to step down.

They say you should leave the stage when the ovation is the loudest. This saying also applies to when the boos and jeers are the loudest too.

Call it old age and bad ears but it seems Robert Mugabe isn't hearing very well. After 37 years, the 93-year-old dictator is holding on to power like a 5-year-old who wants to still be breastfed.

We have a saying for people like Mugabe in Nigeria, 'Oya come and be going'. Mugabe has ruled long enough for him to see himself become a hero and turn into a villain. His stubbornness killed the economy of his country.

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Mugabe might be sleeping during public functions but he still has what it takes to troll his countrymen and the world.

I seriously doubt that there are Christians in Zimbabwe. If there are then they should be applying the Bible verse that says "the Kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent take it by force."

I don't know what the fuss is about a 93-year-old leader who doesn't want to go away? He is really old. They should just carry him, put him in a car and place him under house arrest in a remote village in Zimbabwe. He can't put up a fight literally.


There are signs however he is ready to step down after his epic trolling last night, Sunday, November 19, 2017.

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It might be a new dawn for Zimbabwe (or false hope) but there are many Mugabes around. And I am not talking about leaders. Old people are still sticking around at the helm of affairs in many companies and organizations. They don't just want to retire. They want to carry the business to their graves.

Don't you feel sad when you find out that the Editor-In-Chief of a big media company is in his or her 20s? Mark Zuckerberg is 31 and he has accomplished what many young Nigerians won't achieve in their lifetime.


If given the same opportunities, Nigeria would be producing world-famous CEOs and thinkers easily. What is holding us back are old people like Mugabe. Wisdom does not come with old age but how you apply yourself.

Mugabe is clogging up the system in Zimbabwe and hopefully, he will be out today. What do we do about our old people in positions of influence? Maybe we should carry them to a remote village to see their last days.

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