You Know I'm Just Joking by Ayomide Tayo: Why I would collect my cut before whistle blowing

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Whistle blowing is serious business

The government should pay up the whistle blower if it wants the war on corruption to be taken seriously.

Is half bread really better than none? The Ikoyi whistle blower surely doesn't think so.

The whistle blower is not joking with his money. He helped the FG recover N13bn from the Ikoyi apartment. Now, he wants the money promised to him, N860m. This is his 5% commission for being a good citizen.

Two plus two doesn't necessarily equal four in Nigeria. The FG plans to 'swerve' this whistleblower. First of all, it was said that if given all that money he won't be mentally stable. Well, money has the ability to make people mad but right here is the principle that matters.


The excuse of mental instability did not work, so the FG is now throwing fine prints and clauses to the deal. Instead of N860m, the government is offering him N325m. Haba! This is not even half of the original sum. The way the government is pricing this commission is not fair.

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It's not everybody that can blow a whistle. You need more than big cheeks to blow this type of whistle. You need liver. This whistle blower has correct liver and he should be given all the money he deserves.

A Nigerian that blows a whistle to the authorities about a large sum of money in an Ikoyi apartment is a morally upright Nigerian. Lord knows if I see, a large sum of money in an apartment in Lagos, I would collect my own cut before I blow any whistle.


Everyone with a sixth sense in Nigeria knows that you have to deal with the government with a sharp mind. As they still say on the streets, "cunny man die and na cunny man bury am."

If the FG doesn't give the whistle blower his commission, future whistle blowers would take their cut of the loot before alerting the government. It could be worse, people will run away with looted stash hidden all over the country.

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