Back From Hell: 'My father vowed to disown me if I refused to go to Europe' - Libyan returnee

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This girl said Nigerians went through hell in Libya

A Nigerian girl who was lucky to be deported from India says her father vowed to disown her if she did not travel to Europe.

Another Nigerian girl who was fortunate enough to be repatriated from a slave camp in Libyan following a futile attempt to cross the Mediterranean Sea into Europe has put the blame on her father who vowed to disown her if she refused to travel abroad.

The 19-year-old Delta State indigene who gave her name as Eloho, narrated her experience in the hands of her captors as horrendous, inhumane and dreadful, saying it was her father's quest for material things that pushed her into the hands of traffickers.

Eloho who is currently in a rehabilitation camp set up for the returnees by the Edo State government, told South-South Voice that it was only the grace of God that kept her alive for the seven months she was held captive.

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Beginning her story, Eloho who said she cannot forgive her father for her misfortune said:

"It was my father who pushed me into this mess and I cannot forgive him. I had just finished my SSCE last year and while preparing to sit for JAMB, my father told me that there was no way I would continue my education as he had no money to sponsor me.

He said that instead of wasting my time going to school, I should travel to Europe like one of his friend's daughter who is there and has been sending money to her parents.

I asked him if he knew what the lady was doing abroad and he said that he did not care; he said that even if she was a prostitute, she was sending money to her parents and had built a house for them.

He said I should also go there and sell my body and send money to him. I thought he was joking but he kept putting pressure on me and at one point, said he was going to disown me and invoke a terrible juju on me if I refused to travel.

It was the fear that made me agree to try my luck. He even sold his land and paid the aunty that was to take me to Europe. That was how I found myself in Libya with the promise that I will be crossed to Italy.

But while we were waiting to cross, some Nigerian men sold us to some Arab men who took us to a slave camp and turned us into sex slaves.

The men among us were beaten daily, made to work for nothing and some of them were killed. The girls were raped every day. I can't remember the number of men that raped me.

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I lived in pains and prayed for death. They would beat us mercilessly and even when someone fainted, they would still rape them.

I did not know I will live to see this December but I thank God for saving my life. many Nigerians have died in Libya and no one can trace them. They were either thrown into the sea or burnt to erase any trace.

It was my father who led me into this and God will judge him," the tearful Eloho said.

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