Black Sheep: Nigerian man jailed in the UK for raping, impregnating teacher

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Oluseyi Oni has been described as a predatory rapist by a UK judge

Another Nigerian man has been sentenced to jail in the UK for abducting, raping, impregnating and infecting a teacher.

A 36-year-old Nigerian man, Oluseyi Oni, has been jailed by a court in the United Kingdom for abducting a drunk teacher and serially raping her, leaving her pregnant and infecting her with chlamydia.

Liverpool Echo reports that Oni who was described by the prosecutor, David Polglase, as a  predatory rapist, abducted the 23-year-old victim on a street in Liverpool, took her to his apartment in Kensington and raped her twice.

Oni, a housing association worker, was said to have targeted the teacher who was drunk on a night out and took her to his home and after raping her, dropped her off the following morning at a nearby McDonald’s restaurant in a 'state of shock'.

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The victim went to police to report the sexual assault before learning she had been infected with a sexually transmitted disease and was pregnant. She later had an abortion.

During the hearing, Oni argued they had consensual sex but was found guilty after a trial of two counts of rape by a 10-2 jury majority.

At the trial, Polglase told the jury the woman went on a night out with two friends last year but they became separated in Concert Square. Oni had driven into the city centre alone in his silver BMW.

CCTV cameras showed him meeting the drunk woman in Newington, off Bold Street, and picked up the registration of his car. After waking up without any clothes on and being dropped off, the victim rang her mum and a friend, telling them she remembered saying ‘no’ to the suspect.

Oni has a previous conviction for soliciting prostitutes in 2007 and was jailed for nine months in 2013 for conspiracy to commit fraud.

The judge said he was satisfied Oni knew the woman was 'incapable of consenting to sex' because she was drunk and made an order confiscating his BMW.

“Not only was she incapable of consent, but she would never have consented to sex in those circumstances, with a man whom she did not know and whom she had just met.

You were out in the centre of Liverpool alone in the early hours of the morning as the clubs and bars were emptying and there were people affected by drink and/or drugs on the streets.

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Your purpose was clear to me; you were looking for a suitable target. You found one in this victim who was acutely vulnerable. You are a clever and cunning man who is forensically astute."

The judge then jailed Oni for 14 years and told him to sign on the Sex Offenders Register for life.

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