Child Abuse: Couple alleged to have burnt son's genital over moi-moi are to spend Xmas in jail

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The suspects, Ayo and Khadijat Yahaya.

The victim's step-mother reportedly dipped the infant's body into a hot water, which meant a need for surgery.

A couple, Ayo and Khadijat Yahaya, based in Abuja, Nigeria, have ensured Christmas holiday in jail for allegedly burning their two-year-old son's genital due to reports that the toddler ate a wrap of moi-moi.

According to Linda Ikeji's Blog (LIB), the suspects are to be arraigned on Wednesday, December 27, 2017. The involvement of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) who got hold of the duo thanks to a tip-off received by the organization helped in apprehending the abusive parents.


LIB also reported that the child was a product of the husband, Ayo's first attempt at marriage. Khadijat who he met in a subsequent relationship inflicted the injury on the child affecting its hands, buttocks and the sexual organ. She reportedly dipped its body in hot water. The screams that followed the incident alerted neighbours, which helped in facilitating their arrest.

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Josiah Emerole, the head of NAPTIP's Press and Public Relations department revealed that the victim has undergone a surgery operation sponsored by well-wishers. He reiterated the commitment of the organization in ensuring that justice is served.

“The boy had faced maltreatment, including starvation, since the father forcefully took him away from his biological mother. The little boy was starved from morning till 2pm on that day and he crawled to the kitchen where he saw some wraps of moin-moin and decided to help himself to one of them.

"For that offence, the woman grabbed the little boy, held his hands and dipped them in boiling water. She also burnt his genitals. The boy’s screams attracted neighbours who came to his rescue, while one of them reported the matter to us.

"He has gone through a successful surgery at a specialist hospital in Abuja through the support of some Good Samaritans. The couple are now in NAPTIP’s custody, making useful statements while investigations continue. The Director General, Julie Okah-Donli, has ordered that the  suspects will be brought to justice," Emerole noted in a statement.

Are Nigerian 'parents' fit to train their children

An increase in the rate of violence against children by their parents have raised doubts over the competence and sanity of many as it pertains to grooming a child. Nigeria has recorded various cases where adults in a feat of anger cause bodily injuries to their offspring.

It raises a question concerning the mental well-being of the populace in general. The hard challenges experienced by the masses appears to be making a bunch of people less accommodating to stress which can be associated with some of the issues promoted by bad governance.


The police aren't left out in the chain of violence that has defined Nigeria in recent years. A national campaign to end the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) bears an emblem of the feeling of impatience nursed by most citizens.

Nigerians have had to welcome to the Christmas holiday in the yearly issue of fuel scarcity which has caused a strain in intra-city navigation. The limited supply of petrol has resulted in a hike in the price of goods and it looks to extend to the new year. Many will still be wondering, "what has really changed in their country?"

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