Communal Clash: Reprisal attack by herdsmen leaves Adamawa community littered with dead bodies (Graphic Photos)

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The mass killing of people following a clash between Fulani herdsmen and farmers in the Demsa Local Government Area of Adamawa State has facilitated scenes of horror.

Graphic images provided by Linda Ikeji's Blog (LIB) showed different scenes littered by the bodies of community members. According to reports, the incident was a reprisal attack that took place on November 20, 2017.


The massacre which took place yesterday, December, 4, 2017, in the Lawaru and Dong communities saw people, mostly men butchered. It was a sharp contrast to an earlier attack that saw the killing of infants who had machete wounds on their heads.


Surviving members of the community where the last offensive took place were seen counting their losses. Their sullen eyes bore tales of their sorrow.

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The year 2017, has seen a number of cases of violent attacks by Fulani herdsmen who often get caught up in territorial battles even in eastern and western states. So far, they have posed as a national security challenge due to their brutal killing of people.


States like Ekiti in south-west Nigeria have created restricted zones banning them from their pastoral activities involving the grazing of cattle. Governor Ayodele Fayose made sure to set up law giving citizens of the state a right to shoot down any livestock found on their lands.

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