Cursed: Meet 24-yr-old Prosper who attempted to use parents for money rituals

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Prosper planned to use dresses belonging to his parents for money making rituals.

The suspect confessed to an interrogator his intention to use his parents for money making rituals.

Prosper, a 24-year-old man has revealed in a viral Facebook video his failed plans to use his parents for money making rituals.

In what will likely shock many, the suspect who believed he had suffered too much in his life mentioned that his action was borne out of the intention to help his folks financially.

He was paraded with dresses belonging to the subjects.


The youth who appeared like one with a shattered hope admitted to the deed in a chat with an interrogator who questioned him about his goals.

What seemed a disturbance to most observers was Prosper's preference for using his family for money as opposed to getting a job.

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Economic hardship has increased the number of people who have looked to fetish means to fulfill their desire for a comfortable life.

However, many just like the suspect have made the idea of hard work before pleasure seem like an unfathomable idea.

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