Defending the Nation: A proud Nigerian soldier at war is wishing you a merry Christmas

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A Nigerian soldier doesn't seem disturbed about spending Christmas fighting the Boko Haram insurgents.

The military person appeared delighted to take up arms against hostilities in defense of Nigeria.

A viral video of a Nigerian soldier wishing his countrymen a merry Christmas in a broadcast sent out from a hostile territory should make you feel lucky if you are in a better condition.

The military person began the clip with an opening chorus acknowledging support from God. He soon proceeded to stating that though he has found himself in the thick of a bush, the pride of being a Nigerian soldier stays firmly rooted in him.


"My people happy Xmas in advance," he started.

"Enjoy yourself eh. Just thank God that you guys are out there, you guys can even eat chicken. Anything you like you can just eat. But we, we are inside the bush. We feed on anything natural and we are happy. We are proud of it. That is why we are soldiers. Enjoy. (Laughing out loud)."

The rare show of commitment by a Nigerian soldier to his duty is an indication that not every security agent is corrupt and belligerent in nature. Persons like the unnamed soldier are a reason to nurse hope concerning the future of Nigeria which has seen a long period of mismanagement by politicians.

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Democracy in Nigeria has hardly served the intended purpose as a bunch of people have found themselves to be living in abject poverty. Many have argued that the military regime offered better comfort to the masses and one is inclined to agree if sorry state of fuel scarcity is the subject.


Under President Muhammadu Buhari, the idea of change has become some sort of a trick which has only treated the electorates to one of the familiar failures of the government, fuel scarcity for example.

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