Fuel Scarcity: A young person's guide in dealing with fuel scarcity

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Know how to survive during this period of fuel scarcity

During this period of fuel scarcity there are ways for you to cope.

The fuel scarcity is no joke. It hit us hard in December 2017.

Hopefully, the queues would disappear before the New Year but right now we are in the thick of it.

It’s hard to go about your daily business when there is serious fuel scarcity in town. Bus fares have doubled and tripled and let’s not even talk about Uber and Taxify rates.


Still, life must go on despite the fuel shortage. There are ways to go about your daily life or business despite the everyday struggle that is fuel scarcity.

For young people, this is how you can deal with the fuel scarcity.

Stock Up On Fuel


Fuel is an essential commodity. Make sure you have enough fuel to last you for 7 days. This includes your generator and car if you have one. You have to stockpile enough fuel so that you won’t be in a queue every two, three days. By stocking up on fuel you can plan tour days better and save more money.

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During a period of fuel scarcity, it is important that you prioritize. This is not the time to switch on your generator because you want to charge your phones or switch on the Television. Generators should only be used at night for at least 4-5 hours. During this period you can charge phones and power bank as well. This is also not the period to use up all the fuel in the car because you want to hang out with your friends. If it is not really important there is no point going out.

Public Transport


If you don’t have a car and you want to get somewhere urgently it is better you try public transport or the yellow cabs over Uber and Taxify. The surge during this period costs a fortune. Yellow cabs are cheaper and buses are way cheaper compared to the pricey global taxi brands. Better yet, take BRT. The prices are fixed no matter what.

Go Early


When going out whether in your car or by public transport please ensure that you go early. The roads are very unpredictable during this period. The long queues at fuel stations have been known to cause major traffic on the roads which last for hours. If you must go and see someone set off early or you would most likely regret it.

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