Gruesome Murder: Woman beheads husband, dumps body parts in different places

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Hoang Thi Hong Diem murdered her husband in the most gruesome manner

A Vietnamese woman has been arrested after she beheaded her husband, chopped off his body parts and dumped them in different places.

A 32-year-old Vietnamese woman, Hoang Thi Hong Diem, has been arrested by the police after she allegedly beheaded her 37-year-old husband, Tran Thanh Tu, chopped off his body parts and dumped them in different places.

Vietnam Times reports that Diem who admitted to the crime after her arrest said she snatched the knife from her husband during a quarrel and chopped off his head after he threatened to kill her in the heat of the argument.

The incident happened in a southern town of the country on Saturday, December 16, 2017, where it was reported that Diem and Tu had been constantly fighting.

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The police said Tu's head was wrapped in a black plastic bag inside a backpack and was recovered by a garbage collector in Binh Duong with several deep lacerations all over the severed head.

After being notified of the horrific find, policemen were invited to the scene to begin investigating a murder.

By Sunday evening, officers had discovered a number of plastic bags containing human body parts within a one-kilometre radius from where the head was first discovered.


Confirming the incident, Colonel Tran Van Chinh, the Deputy Director of the Department of Police in Binh Duong Province, said that Diem was on Sunday morning and that she is assisting the investigation into her husband’s death.

“Initial information reveals that the incident may have arisen from a conflict between a married couple. We are continuing the investigation to confirm if there were other accomplices involved,” Col. Chinh said.

According to Diem’s statement, Tu returned to their rented apartment in Thuan An Commune, Binh Duong, on Friday night after drinking with friends.

An argument reportedly broke out between the couple during which Tu threatened to stab his wife with a knife, the suspect said.

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She narrated that she snatched the weapon from Tu before chopping his head off with it and fearing that she would get caught, she said she used the same knife to cut her husband’s body into pieces, wrapped each part in black plastic bags and then dropped them off at multiple locations, before returning home to her normal schedules.

Though she admitted to the crime, she said she was unable to remember the exact locations she had dumped the body parts.

The couple had a 14-year-old daughter and a seven-year-old son who are both living with their grandparents in the Mekong Delta.

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