Have Mercy: Foundation plead for 99-yr-old man on death row with son [Video]

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99-year-old Celestine Egboluche and 78-year-old Kanayo Arinze are not supposed to be in prison

A Non Governmental Organization has pleaded on behalf of a very old man who has been on the death row in a Nigerian prison for over 17 years.

A Non-Governmental Agency [NGO], the Abounding Grace Foundation has called on the Federal Government, the Enugu State government and the Nigeria Prisons Service [NPS], to, as a matter of urgency, free a 99-year-old man identified as Celestine Egboluche, who has been on death row for the past 17 years.

The Foundation which is headed by Evangelist Christian Okezie Chukwuka, himself an ex-convict who spent eight years in a Swedish prison, has been championing the cause of prisoner in the country with the aim of helping to secure their release and rehabilitating them.

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Evangelist Chukwuka who led members of his Foundation to visit the Enugu Maximum Prison, said he was appealed at the condition of the old man who has been on death row with his biological son, Paul Egboluche, for over a decade now and is, therefore, begging the authorities to free them ad they have suffered so much from the trauma of their long incarceration.

Watch the Facebook video here:

Evangelist Chukwuka narrates that Egboluche, an indigene of Imo State has been on death row for so long that he has even forgotten the crime that took him there.

Apart from Pa Egboluche, Chukwuka also made a case for another 78-year-old man, Kanayo Arize who is from Anambra State and has been on death row for over 10 years and begged that whatever the crimes they committed, they should be pardoned and rehabilitated.

Watch another Facebook:

Chukwuka made this passionate appeal on the Facebook page of his Foundation and also called on Nigerians to join his appeal to free the men who unarguably the oldest death row inmates in Nigeria.

"These are the video of the elders in the CC Death Row Cell in Enugu Maximum Prison. This 99-years-old papa named Mr. Celestine Egboluche from Imo State, has spent 17 years in prison with his biological son, Mr. Paul Egboluche.

Also is Kanayo Arize from Anambra State who is 78-year-old.


Please, the whole world, join me to plead with the Enugu State government and the Federal Government to free our fathers in Enugu prison. Pa Egboluche has spent 17 years together with his son in that prison.

Both of them have suffered enough. May the God of mercy breathe in mercy into the Governors of Enugu and Anambra States to show them mercy.

The land of Enugu prison has swallowed so many souls but these two old people will not be allowed to be swallowed by that red rocky land in the mighty name of Jesus. Any question on how to reach them, please contact me.

See how the old prisoners are suffering in this Facebook video:


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And if you have access to any government official that could lead to the Governor, please contact me so these old ones will go home and be buried properly when die."

Watch the video titled 'Too many old people dying in Nigerian prisons':

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