Heartbreak: 'My lover stopped me seeing her parents because of my colour'- Albino

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This Albino says his girlfriend refused to allow him meet her parents because of his skin colour

A young man who is an Albino has lamented his ex-girlfriend refused to allow him to meet her parents because of his colour.

A young Albino man has lamented how his girlfriend refused to allow him to meet her parents because of his condition.

The young man who took to his Facebook wall to reveal his pains, said he had been dating the lady for sometime before things went awry when he wanted to meet her parents and make his intention of marrying her known to them but she turned him down.

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He cried out that the lady refused to allow him to meet her parents because of his skin colour. He further disclosed that all through his life, he believed that people have that special someone meant for them but he does not belong to that school of thought anymore because of the hurt he felt when the lady he loved so much rejected him because of who he is.

Describing the heartbreak he felt as the lowest point in his life, he wrote:

“I used to believe that we all have that special someone but not anymore these days. The last girl I dated, when it got to the time to see her people, she refused, saying that she could not because of the obvious reasons of how I look.

So why would one believe someone praying for you, where the world sees you as strange, No matter how hard you try to take care of yourself and look good?”

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However, commenters of the post gave him reasons to believe in love and never to think that he is strange. Others told him never to give up on love as he will soon find that special person meant for him.

Read what he posted and the comments from others here:



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