Heartbreaking: '18 Arab men raped me in one night' - Libyan returnee narrates tales of woe

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These Libyan deportees have been telling tales of woes

A 19-year-old girl who tried to cross to Europe from Libya has narrated how she was raped by 18 men in one night.

Another Nigerian girl who was recently deported from Libya has narrated what she went through in the hands of her slave masters who raped her and other ladies repeatedly, including being raped by 18 men in one night.

The 19-year-old indigene of Edo State who was part of the latest victims to be repatriated to the country after their harrowing experiences in the North African country while trying to cross into Europe, told News Telegraph that what she went through was the worst kind of experience anyone could go through.

The teenager who refused to give her name for fear of stigmatization, said she was persuaded by her friend to make the trip, adding that the girl was not so lucky as she lost her life in the process.

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“I left Nigeria in early 2017 with the help of one lady who claimed to have been sponsoring people abroad. I don’t also want to reveal her name, but she is currently in one country in Europe," she began.

Continuing, the girl said:

“I cannot also say how long she has been in the business. She told me she was taking us to Germany, but we ended up in Libya. I spent so much.

I do not really like recalling the whole trauma; I’m just happy that I came back home to meet my family and friends.

I was learning a trade before I embarked on this journey through the persuasion of my female friend.

When we left Benin in March this year, I did not tell my parents. I only told one of my brothers that I would be travelling to Lagos with my friend to see one lady who promised to assist me with some money to start my business when I was through learning the trade.

On getting to Lagos, I met a lot of girls from Edo, Delta and Rivers States. We stayed in Lagos for three days before taking off to Kano and from there, we commenced the journey to Libya.

It was a bitter experience; I will not advise anybody I know to engage in such a hazardous trip. It is a journey of the survival of the fittest; on the way, a lot of strange things happened which everybody knows about.

In Libya, we were treated like slaves, taken to an unknown place where our sufferings continue.

The lady that took us there handed us over to some group of very wicked human beings; she kept telling us that we would soon cross over to Italy.

The worst thing that happened to me was the day I slept with 18 men in a single night; it was an experience I can never forget in life.

In fact, Arabs are the most evil set of human beings on earth. After they used me, I was paid N15, 000 and my so-called sponsor took N10, 000 from it and gave me N5, 000. They gave me one type of drug before we started the business.

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You cannot cry; you cannot raise the alarm when you are locked up in a dark room. I thank God for my life; I never thought that I would live to see December.

So many people are still there with no hope of leaving and some of them have been taken to unknown destinations.

I want to thank our state government for coming to our rescue. Unfortunately, the girl I travelled with died. Nobody is talking about her.”

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