Hell Bound: Togolese woman buries 3-months-old baby alive to please lover  [Video/Graphic Photos]

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This woman buried her baby alive because of a man

A young woman has been arrested by police operatives in Togo after she buried her three-months-old baby alive to please her lover.

A 20-year-old woman has been arrested by the police in Togo for allegedly burying her three-months-old baby alive to please a man who wanted to marry her.

The incident, according to Hits2babi.com, a popular online news portal in the West African country, happened in the Kouasi Agbavi region of the country when the woman, a single mother, met a rich man who was willing to marry her but said he did not want the baby.

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To please the man and convince him to marry her, the mother reportedly buried the little baby alive on Saturday, December 2, 2017, but the secret was blown open when her family members questioned her on the whereabouts of the baby. 

When she could not give them a reasonable explanation, the matter was reported to the police and she was arrested. During interrogation, the suspect confessed that she had buried the baby alive and led police operatives to the grave of the toddler who was exhumed.

This is how Hits2babi.com captured the ugly incident:

“The woman [single mother], ran into a rich man who asked her to get rid of her baby before he would marry her because he would want a woman without a child.

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That young lady buried her baby of three months last Saturday in Agbavi; she just dug it up after the intervention of the paternal family and law enforcement officials on Monday. May God forgive this God.”

Watch a video of the incident here:

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