Hijab: 5 other ways female Law student could have protested

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Apart from refusing to remove her Hijab, here are five other ways the female Law student could have stood her ground.

The lawyer Amasa Firdaus is trending right now because she refused to take off her hijab.

This singular act got her kicked out from the 'Call To Bar'. The incident got on social media a couple of days ago and caused a stir on social media.

Her action is polarizing to the say the very least. On one side, many think what Firdaus did was wrong and she deserved what she got. On the other side, many people are standing beside her in support of her religious freedom.


Whatever side you are on, you cannot deny that this is a conversation that should have taken place a long time ago.

For Amasa Firdaus even though her action might have been bold, there are others way she should have raised the issue without protesting.

Here are five ways she could have brought attention to the Hijab issue;

1) Online Movement


In these days of Twitter and Instagram, it is easy to bring awareness to any topic. We have been witnesses. We have seen how #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo campaigns started online and how they are now full-blown movements. You cannot underestimate the power of social media. Hashtags and powerful Twitter threads help ideas move at the speed of light.

2) Create an event


Another way for you to bring publicity to your cause is to create an event. The event will feature speakers who will bring awareness to the topic at hand. This would make the guests and invitees understand the problem at hand which would create a starting point for a movement.

3) Publish an article


Another way to shed light on an issue is to publish an article about it. Blogger, Medium and Wordpress are all free platforms where you can publish well-written articles about any issue or topic you want people to know about. Gone are the days of submitting opinion articles to newspapers. You can do it by yourself and if the article is dope enough it would go viral.

4) Mobilize people

With reference to the Hijab issue,  Amasa Firdaus could have mobilized other female Muslims in the Law School to raise awareness on the issue. The more people who talk about it the greater the momentum.

5) A peaceful march


This method never fails to bring much-needed publicity (and hopefully change) to anything. The sight of hundreds and thousands marching for once cause help to stir up positive emotions.

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