In Zimbabwe: Pandemonium as indebted nurse was stripped naked on graduation day

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90% of Nigerian nurses lack basic life support skills.

The angered nurses who had to cough out a sum of $95 have insisted on pressing charges.

Students in a Zimbabwe nursing school caused pandemonium during a graduation ceremony where a learner, Eurita Churu, was stripped naked for defrauding some graduands.

The commotion which occurred in Harare Garden was facilitated by a man identified as Evans Mudavanhu, who promised to provide jobs for the honourees as soon as a payment of US$95 is made. This was expected to cover for the cost of food served on the graduation day, name tags, uniforms and certificates but none of these were fulfilled, H-Metro reports.


This prompted a group molestation of Churu which was serious enough to invite the attention of the police. An officer was seen in a picture trying to protect the woman accused of fraud as the aggressors made to put off her dresses which was not successful, however they were able to have her bra exposed.

The abused as well as others distinguished as Trisah and Sarah were taken to the police station where 300 students from the nursing school have promised to lodge a complaint concerning the matter. Their interest lies in finding the main culprit, Mudavanhu.

“We want Evans here because he is the one who sent Eurita, Trisah and Sarah to demand money on a training they said was being funded by a nongovernmental organization,” one of the angry learners said.

“What irked us is that they are failing to give us our certificates only to give us fake ones written different things.

“Mudavanhu was ordering these ladies to ask us pay US$95 each to cover cost of food on this graduation day, name tags, uniforms and certificates.

“Mudavanhu demanded US$10 from those who wanted to be helped in getting attachment to hospitals like Parirenyatwa, Chitungwiza and Harare among others.

“He even bedded some of the students promising them jobs,” she added.

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When contacted by H-Metro in connection with the allegation leveled against him, he reportedly pleaded with the news agency to squash its interest in publishing the story in exchange for a bribe.

Apparently, it refused the offer based on a quote from an article it published, "h-metro refused to entertain mudavanhu’s bribe offers".


This points to integrity in journalism which isn't widely practiced. Sahara Reporters publisher, Omoyele Sowore, became the subject of a bribery scandal earlier in the year 2017, that saw an estranged friend, Lekan Fatodu.

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Fatodu, who is a UK based journalist and PR practitioner, alleged that the media executive  published disparaging articles about him after refusing his request for a bribe.

A text message showed a conversation between the pair. It contained Sowore's demand for a cut in monies awarded to Fatodu in a Federal Government of Nigeria contract.

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