Lying Beggars: This video will discourage you from giving alms

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Beggar with a fake health affliction lied to get money from kind-hearted Nigerians.

A beggar who lied about having a life threatening health affliction was seen in the clip being manhandled by a mob.

A viral video of a fake male beggar pretending to be afflicted by a stomach injury uncovered one of the dishonest tactics being invented in a bid to make others part with their money.

The footage posted on Facebook by one Kingsley Chinagorom Ogbodo, showed a panhandler being accosted by a group of men who believed he was a schemer with no health issues. He was made to peel off a cluster of wool accompanied with skin healing ointment after blowing his cover.


A member of the group was heard pleading on his behalf as the mob threatened to make him suffer a grave consequence for his deceptive behaviour. That is not excluded of jungle justice which is often the common response when individuals with criminal intentions are caught.

Perhaps the herd who seemed quite angered by the trickery were furious over the economic hardship currently being experienced in Nigeria.

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Financial constraints have seen a number of citizens find difficulty in maintaining their usual lifestyle, so it is quite relatable that a bunch of people feel irritated by the sight of the scammer.


There have been some cases of street beggars, especially women renting babies in order to receive alms from pedestrians. The idea is to use the image to arouse sympathy which often works.

In Lagos, the government have designed 'No Begging' zones in its bid to make the state more attractive and free of nuisance.

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