Morning Teaser: 'After 20 years with my husband, he wants me out'

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After suffering with her husband for 20 years, Bernice is about to be thrown out of her home because of another woman.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Bernice, a 45-year-old married woman with four children. I got married to Daniel 20 years ago when he had nothing but now that he thinks he has arrived, he wants to send me packing.

I met Daniel when I was a college of education and we fell madly in love. In fact, I was so much in love with him that I was willing to risk anything including my family to be with him.

My father did not particularly like Daniel as he was not the kind of man he wanted me to get married to but I insisted that it was Daniel or no one.

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He was working as a clerk in a government agency in our state but the salary was so poor that he could hardly get by while waiting for his monthly stipend. I had to give him money from time to time from my pocket money and anytime I went home, I would make garri, palm oil and other food items and took to him.

It was while we were still dating that I became pregnant and his parents came to meet my parents and we had a quiet introduction after which I moved into his house.

It was not until almost three years later before we could have our wedding and even then, I had to bring up almost all the money we used.

But in all those years of lack and want, I still believed that things would be better and kept praying for my husband to be blessed one way or the other. I know how much we suffered to get to where we are today where we have everything anyone can imagine.

We have five buildings to our name, over seven cars, own properties in choice locations but Daniel wants me to leave his house because of one small girl who has been turning his head.

I never knew Daniel was cheating on me until a friend told me how she had seen my husband with one particular lady several times. I did not believe my friend at first but when other people told me the same thing, I had to confront him, expecting him to deny the allegation.

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But to my surprise, Daniel said he was not only seeing the lady but that he was surely going to get married to her. He told me that now that I know, there was nothing more to hide as he was going to bring in the lady very soon.

I dared him to bring in another woman to reap where she did not sow but my husband insisted that he must have his way or I should leave his house. When I reminded him that we both laboured to get what we have, he said everything was in his name and that I had no claim over anything.

He has given me an ultimatum: to accept the woman as a second wife or leave his house.

What should I do?


Dear readers, what exactly do men really want? After Bernice suffered with Daniel for 15 years, he suddenly wants her out so that another woman can come in. On Morning Teaser today, what do you think Bernice should do?

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