Morning Teaser: 'I want to cheat on my runaway husband'

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This worried woman needs advice (Illustration)

Buchi has been married for two years but her husband, Dominic, has been out of the country for those two years and now she wants to cheat on him.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Buchi, a 28-year-old married. I must say that I am very unlucky in marriage as my husband who lives in Asia has been away for the past two years, leaving me all alone.

I met Dominic through his sister who is my good friend. Mary had told me that her brother who had been out of the country for many years needed a wife as their family had been on his neck to come home and get married.

They did not want him to get married to a foreigner and so, they were on the lookout for a wife for him, particularly an Igbo woman.

I had been friends with Mary since our university days and she felt I would be the right woman for her husband. I was not particularly interested in an arranged marriage, especially to a man I knew nothing about.

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But Mary kept assuring me that Dominic was a good man and would make a good husband for me. Aside from that, she also told me he would take me abroad as soon as we got married.

I told her that I would like to hear from Dominic himself and after she sent him my number, he started calling me and we would speak for hours. We also connected on the social media and would spend the whole night chatting and exchanging pictures.

Dominic changed my mind about dating someone I had never met before as he proved to be very caring. He would wake me up with his calls and text messages and before going to bd, he would call just to say good night.

Gradually, I began to fall in love with him and would wait breathlessly for his calls just to hear his voice.

Two years ago, he came to Nigeria and came to meet my parents. He wanted us to get married before going back and within two months, we got married and he left a month later.

And for two years now, the man I got married to has made no attempt to come back. His calls have been infrequent, neither does he send me money like he used to do.

It could take six months before Dominic would send me money and whenever I call, he would be evasive, telling me he would call and would go for weeks without calling.

As if that is not enough, he has left me sex-starved and needing attention like every woman. When I tell Dominic that I am horny, he would tell me to endure it just like he is doing but I know he has been sleeping with women wherever he is.

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There is this guy in my office who has been asking me out and with the way things are and the way I am sexually starved, I am tempted to give this guy a chance, at least to have someone to satisfy my sexual urge.

I have tried some sex toys but nothing can be as satisfying as having the feel of a real man inside of a woman.

I know many people out there will say sex is not food but I am still a young woman and I have sexual urges too. I am married but it seems I am not.

I need help fast.


Dear readers, after going through Buchi's story on Morning Teaser today, what do you think she should do?

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