Morning Teaser: 'My husband has sent me packing because of my maid'

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Housemaids have been known to take over a marriage

Maureen has been married for eight years without a child and now her husband, Godwin, has gotten her maid pregnant and wants her out of his house.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Maureen, a 36-year-old woman. I am very bitter and disturbed at the moment as my husband of eight years has thrown me out of our house because of my maid whom he got pregnant.

In the years I have been married, I have not been blessed with a fruit of the womb and this has made me very unhappy. Before now, my husband, Godwin, had been very supportive and had always stood by me until his family started putting pressure on us.

It began when his mother came to the house last year and made it very clear that the family had given me an ultimatum to give them a child or they would kick me out.

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That day, I cried so much and asked God why He would allow me to suffer so much shame and indignity in the hands of my husband's family.

It is not as if we had not tried everything humanly possible for us to get a child. I had gone to so many hospitals, had countless fertility tests, went to men of God and even native doctors all in a bid to get pregnant.

But all of these proved abortive. I have never taken in nor had a miscarriage all my life but the results of the tests showed that I was neither barren nor anything wrong with me. Even the men of God kept assuring me that I would have my own baby at the right time.

But now, all the hopes I have been given has been dashed after Godwin threw me out of the house after he got our maid pregnant.

I did not know that he had been sleeping with our 20-year-old maid till she got pregnant and during interrogation, she confessed that he was the one reponsible.

I was mad when she told me it was my husband that got her pregnant. When I asked Godwin, he was not even sober about it and said that it is now a proof that he is not the problem and that if I would not want to stay inthe same house with my maid as his second wife, I was free to leave.

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But last month, his mother and sisters came and with the support of my husband, threw me out of the house.

I have been staying with my sister since then and all efforts to get my husband to take me back has proved abortive as he has declared that as long as I do not want my maid to be my co-wife, I must never come back to his house.

Please, I need someone to help me on what to do here.


Dear readers, after going through Maureen's heartbreaking story on Morning Teaser today, what do you think she should do?

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