Notice Me! Nigerians blast wanna-be slay Queen who posted nude pix on FB [Photos]

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Ijoba Browny Olamide says not having regular sex will make her run mad

Nigerians have come hard on a young girl who posted her nude photos on the social saying not having sex will make her mad.

A Nigerian girl who is trying so hard to be noticed has come under severe and scathing attack by Nigerians who found her nude photos disgusting.

The girl who identified herself as Ijoba Browny Olamide, had taken to her social media page to post several unsavoury photos of herself and claimed that she would run mad if she does not have sex often.

Accompanying the post were numerous pictures of herself showing licking her breasts, touching herself and apparently savouring the whole show.

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This is what Olamide posted:

“Lack of sex will have you mad; you will do stupid shit like why is dis floor on d floor…

#Ijbbrownyolamide #stilldbadbitch u knw.. #fuck ur tot #Nolove,makemoney,kipgrindin!!! #staywicked…. #Notimeforpoor…. #wfzamanigold new bestie.”


However, she did not expect the reaction she got as many people found her post irritating and gave her a piece of their minds.

Read some of the comments here:

Adekunle Ijasan: "Just look at this one who wants to be a slay Queen by all means. And she is so dirty. I pity your life. Keep misbehaving thinking you are having fun."

Raphael Olatunde: "So in your mind, you think you are beautiful? You are a big disgrace to your parents and family. Better go and wash the demons out of your head."

Didi Omini: "Sometimes I wonder what this generation has turned into. Imagine this young girl making such a big fool of herself. I blame the social media for all these nonsense."


Otudeko Yahaya: "God save you I am not your father or brother. I will beat the devil out of you, useless ashawo!"

Patience Ajani: "So this one thinks she is beautiful? See as she black like the back of a pot. Clap for yourself, idiot."

Blessing Ogedegbe: "Oooossshhheeyyyyy slay Queen. I am sure you have got the attention you wanted. Now run along, little b**tch."


Favour Bassey: "I have always said that we are living in a wasted generation. If not, how can this one be breathing the same air we are breathing?"

Diamond Rose: "You are nothing but a cheap prostitute. I am sure there will be useless men who see this thing as enticing and keep sending her phone numbers. Sense fall on you!"

Abayomi Tunde: "So on the day you were born, your parents celebrated having a baby, not knowing they have brought a Jezebel into the world. I pity the person who will marry this one."


Mabel Alabi: "This one will want to get married one day after she has disgraced herself like this. I wonder if she has parents or guardians. Big shame."

Ayobami Dimeji: "This girl needs help. I am very sure something is wrong with her. She is either on drugs or mentally unstable."

Peter James: "This one is a confirmed ashawo. I took time to go through her profile and I realised that she is nothing but a cheap slut. Shame on her."


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Alima Bello: "Do these children have parents at all? Even if they do have, do they listen to them? I am embarrassed as a woman. I will keep praying for your soul."

Maureen Okoro: "This one has lost every shame in her and has surely sold her soul to the devil. No one should blame her because she does not even know what she is doing."


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