Ogechi Ololo: Here are proof that commissioner's Twitter blunder isn't one-off and she is also raw!

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Ogechi Ololo, Imo State Commisioner for Happiness and Couples' Fulfillment.

Ogechi Ololo directed a vulgar remark at the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, over the call to end SARS.

Imo State Commissioner for Happiness & Couples' Fulfillment Ogechi Ololo has had to defend her appointment by Governor Rochas Okorocha as well as her poor grammar.

The former MP insisted that an incorrect sentence attributed to her was only a one-off incident, and was as a result of her faint knowledge concerning the use of Twitter.


That is presumably what her followers understood when she wrote, "So I have been hearing rumours that I, a distinguished honourable excellency cannot speak good English. pleas bear with me, it is not my fault, I am new to this Twitter apple that's why."


Further tweets by Ololo has however contradicted the explanation. A series of badly constructed sentences lined up after each other as she attempted a harsh reply to the criticism that have greeted her selection by Okorocha who is also her brother according to various reports.

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Her poor understanding of English prepositions is noticeable and readers of her hostile comments might have also noticed that she is quite raw.

"Maybe if you just applied the effort in amount of makeup you apply for your face into your books, maybe just maybe God will have mercy on your exams."


The phrase "apply for your face" does not suggest a good use of dictions except she meant to interact in Pidgin English.


Just like every Nigerian, the Commissioner for Happiness & Couples' Fulfillment has joined the voices calling for an end to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), but most will agree that she didn't have to be so vulgar being a government official.

Her message to Ibrahim Idris, the Inspector of Police reads, "As part of my happiness  official duties to the youth; I want to publicly call out the I.G of police; Ibrahim Idris. If at all you have amu dangling between your legs then #ENDSARS and I mean #ENDSARSNOW. I am giving you 7 days to comply; you have been warned. Enough is enough."


"Amu" in the sentence means penis in Igbo. This is hardly a respectful way to address one of the most powerful men in the country.

Favoritism in Government

Ololo's appointment is a pointer to the fact that individuals occupying positions of authority in government favour relationships over competence in their attempt to appoint personnel for specific roles. Governor Okorocha in particular has a reputation for inviting members of his family to assume positions in his administration.


An Owerri-based blogger, Cyril Njoku, who attended the investiture ceremony of new Imo State servicemen agreed with this assertion in a chat with the Premium Times News.

“His Son-in-law, Uche Nwosu, is the Chief of Staff. His wife, Nkechi Rochas Okorocha, is the Chairman of Imo Amnesty Committee with a huge budget.

“His father-in-law and the current Minister of State for Education, Anthony Anwuka, was the former Secretary to Imo State Government,” he said.

Modernisation in Nigeria, often regarded as the Giant of Africa, has only reached the corridors of technology and social awareness but not in the government which is characterized by policies considered backward and a slow reaction to major issues.


The citizens of the country consider the building of a statue of South Africa's president, Jacob Zuma, in Imo State an example of initiatives that have failed to reflect the purpose of having a representative in government.

One will expect the focus of the elected to be a desire to serve the electorates by making decisions expected to bring them nice privileges as opposed to wasting their resources.

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