Pablo Ayodeji: How 'Bambiala Twitter' has taken away our last thread of social media innocence

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No begging allowed anymore on Twitter

Swindlers posing as beggars have robbed us of our last bit of innocence on Twitter.

To people who spend a lot of time on Twitter, the name Pablo Ayodeji might ring a bell.

The young man was at the heart of the #keepthechangebae episode that trended earlier this year. To keep a long story short, Pablo Ayodeji tried to shame a young lady for not accepting his advances after he took her on a date.

The lady responded with enough sharp wit to trend for days. She returned the money Pablo Ayodeji spent on the date. She posted the online transaction and tweeted the hashtag #keepthechange. Talk about a Twitter slap.


Now Ayodeji Pablo is back in the news. It seems he is at the heart of a Twitter scam involving a young lady supposedly.


Early this morning, Monday, December 25, 2017, a young lady with the Twitter account @nuellaa_ag. She tweeted about losing her job recently and was in financial need. Her tweet did the rounds which shouldn't be surprising since today is Christmas.

Some people had started sending money to her bank account when some 'sharp' peeps smelled a scam. Apparently, that handle has had a history of pleading for money using different stories.

Now here is the major twist, the bank account details of @nuellaa_ag belong to an individual named Adeniji Olaoluwa Ayodeji, the same names of @PabloAyodeji.


'Pablo' has been trending all day and efforts to reach to get his side of the story haven't yielded results.

This scenario is not the first of its kind. There have been cases of swindlers using Twitter accounts and sad stories to emotionally manipulate people to part ways with their hard-earned cash.

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Welcome to Bambiala Twitter. This term was coined not too long ago for people on Twitter who have a knack for begging. This is the part of Twitter where your WCW who likes begging for gifts belong to. Most importantly this is the part of Twitter where people get duped by shady online boutiques and scammers posing as people in need.


The mean streets of Lagos have now come online. As a kid, you are told not to help strangers who ask for money on the road. This is because most of them are swindlers and kidnappers. As a matter of fact, it is a strong security tip for you to keep walking when someone approaches you for money on the street.

This mindset has now been uploaded to Twitter. These digital streets are no longer safe. That person who might be asking you for money to save his mother is most likely a Yahoo boy.

The last veil of innocence online has been removed. Say goodbye to helping strangers. It is every man for himself now, and others be damned.

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