Prop Of The Week: eLDee highlights the suffering of house-helps in Nigerian homes

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eLDee puts a spotlight on the plight of Nigerian house-helps.

This week's prop has to go to the legend eLDee the Don for bringing about a new angle to the slave trade story in Libya.

This week has seen everybody from Chris Brown to Phyno speak on the evil that is happening in Libya where Nigerian migrants are sold as slaves. The world has been rightfully caught up in this scandal.

Now, everyone has spoken on the issue but over the week eLDee, the Don brought an enlightening angle to the whole story. He pointed out that many Nigerians are not in the moral position to talk about what is going on in Libya because they have slaves of their own.


He pointed out the fact that many Nigerian homes have slaves popularly called house-helps who are underpaid and maltreated.


eLDee brought a whole new angle to the trending topic and even though some did not appreciate it, it sparked up a conversation online on how Nigerians treat their domestic servants.

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