Pulse List 2017: 7 embarrassing moments of the year

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NLC leaders lead Kaduna teachers in protest against government decision to sack 21,780 teachers over competency test

These are some of the most embarrassing moments in Nigerian pop culture for 2017.

There’s no way we could wrap up the year without highlighting some of the biggest embarrassing moments.

These are individuals or institutions who put their foot in their mouth. They made silly errors in judgement and taste which hounded them all through the year.

Pulse presents to you 7 embarrassing moments Of 2017;

1) Rochas Okorocha


The Imo state governor was piping hot this year and all for the wrong reasons. Okorocha went ahead to build statues of African leaders that left many people wondering ‘what was is he thinking?’ The statues attracted a lot of controversy especially the Jacob Zuma statue. The South African President is having a tough time in his country and the timing of his statue was wrong. Okorocha didn’t stop there. This month he appointed his sister (yes you read that right) the Commissioner of Happiness and Purpose Fulfillment. What a way to end the year.

2) Nigerian Police


In 2017, the Nigerian Police Force really showed us that it is three steps behind. The illegal activities of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad was a concern all year long. The NPF didn’t bother to respond to the allegations levelled against SARS by Nigerian citizens. When things came to a climax in December with online protests, Abayomi Shogunle, the Assistant Commissioner of Police, whipped up more insensitive tweets- something he had been doing all year long.

3) FG reaction to the death of 26 Nigerian women


To those who are observant, the issue of illegal Nigerian immigrants going through hell in Libya, on the sea and in Italy was gaining momentum in early 2017. The Federal Government formed ‘unlooking’ to the horror stories. The expose on Nigerians and other Africans being sold as slaves in Libya by CNN shook the world and made everyone pay attention. During this period, 26 Nigerian women who were on their way to Italy drowned in the ocean. The world was outraged. By the time the women were buried by the Italian government, our very own FG was still scrambling to give a cohesive and comprehensive response.

4) Kaduna state teachers


No group of people represented incompetency in Nigeria more than the Kaduna state teachers who failed a Primary 4 test. The Governor of Kaduna, Nasir El-Rufai decided to hold a test for the teachers in the state. 21,000 teachers failed that exam and instead of them to bow their heads in shame they went about protesting and vandalizing the state assembly.

5) Nivea


2017 was the year of melanin and black girl magic. The skin care company Nivea didn’t get that memo as it put a billboard in Accra, Ghana with the payoff line ‘For Visibly Fairer Skin’. Singer Fuse ODG brought the issue up on social media and the backlash was heavy. Nivea quickly took down the billboard and issued an apology.

6) Mr Eazi


The Nigerian singer was hot this year with his Apple co-sign and mixtape. However, he made two mistakes that made Nigerians come after him hard. Earlier in the year, he stated that Ghanaian music has greatly influenced Nigerian music. Nigerians did not appreciate that statement and he felt it in full force. Eazi did not learn his lesson. In an interview, he said he is the originator of the ‘Banku’ sound and Nigerian singers should stop biting Ghanaian sounds. Once again, Nigerians let him have it. It’s because of these two errors that have made his country people not fully embrace him.

7) Psquare


This year we saw the end of Psquare. Unfortunately, Peter and Paul (as well as Jude) decided not to end things amicably. Instagram shades and an embarrassing video were the highlights of their split. Whatever respect the brothers had before totally vanished with the unnecessary drama.

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