Pulse List 2017: 7 people social media blew up this year

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Nathaniel Bassey

These people have been turned into social media stars in 2017.

Social media has the knack for blowing people up.

It takes timing and having the right product to blow up on social media. Most of the people on this list have been grinding for years but with luck on their side, 2017 saw the come out strong like never before.

Here are seven people social media blew up in 2017;

1) Nathaniel Bassey


Nathaniel Bassey was one of the biggest growth hackers on Naija Instagram this year with his Hallelujah Challenge. The viral streaming concert peaked at 70,000 viewers at once. If you didn't know about Nathaniel Bassey before, well during his IG concert you must have heard of him and now you can't forget about him.

2) Sisi Yemmie


The vlogger has been around for a minute but 2017 was when she really broke through thanks to her YouTube commercial and CNN interview. She is Nigeria's biggest vlogger at the moment.

3) Esabod


Another vlogger who really blew up in 2017 is Esabod. Real name Esther Tokunbo Aboderin, this vlogger has an active YouTube channel that speaks on the life and scandals of the Nigerian elite in the UK and Ireland. Most of her videos stretch over an hour but people still watch her funny and raw monologues.

4) Woli Arole


The comedian with the bright smile really broke through in 2017 with his popular routine. His humorous style of praying and throwing jabs has gotten him over 500,000 followers on Instagram.

5) Oloni


The Brit-Nigerian relationship and sex expert really had a big 2017. This was the year she really shot through the mainstream of Nigerian youth consciousness with her unapologetic female-centric views on love, sex and dating.

6) Kingtblakhoc


Nigeria has started making a little bit of inroad into the porn business. If there is one man who represents this industry is kingtblakhoc, the media-shy Nigerian porn star. Banned from Instagram so many times, kingtblakhoc proudly sells sex on social media and online.

7) Lasisi Elenu


Lasisi Elenu came into the game not too long ago but his presence in the latter part of the year cannot be denied. With a SnapChat filter that tweaks his voice, enlarges his eyes and makes his lips comically big, Lasisi Elenu rants about the little things of life. He has over 160 followers on Instagram presently.

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