Pulse List 2017: 7 things we want to see in 2018

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The Super Eagles of Nigeria reciting the National Anthem

2017 was a dope year and these are things we want to see happen in 2018.

2017 was an exciting year on all fronts from music, Nollywood, politics and sports. In 2018 we want to see more of these good things.

Here are seven things we want to see in 2018;

1 Super Eagles


The Super Eagles had a fantastic World Cup qualifier campaign. 2018 will see the boys fly to Russia to take part in the tournament. After the exciting friendly with Argentina, Nigerians would like to see more good football from the Eagles in 2018 and possibly make the semi-finals.

2. More International Success for Nigerian singers


2017 was not a bad year for Nigeria singers internationally. In December 2017, Tekno hooked up with rap star Drake. We sincerely hope to see more international collaborations and projects in 2018. It’s time to paint the world green, white green.

3. Nollywood blockbusters


With the success of The Wedding Party in 2017 and the release of the sequel later in the year, it is more than likely we are going to see more Nollywood blockbusters in 2018. It seems the time is finally here for Nollywood movies to fully take over the big screen.

4. More Anthony Joshua victories


Anthony Joshua bodied 2017 by knocking out a Russian champion and defending his title. Going into the new year, we want to see the Naija born Brit take down more opponents in the ring and become one of the greatest fighters of all time.

5. More campaigns to stop sexual harassment


2017 will be remembered as the year many sex predators were taken down thanks to bold women and the #MeToo campaign. The job is not yet over. Going into 2018, we want to see more anti-sexual harassment campaigns both online and offline.

6. Youth-focused web series


This year, there were a ton of web series for young Nigerians and we are not complaining. Here’s hoping we see more of these series in 2018, with better stories and acting. It’s high time that there is more focus on the stories of Nigerian millennials.

7. Young people in politics

In 2017 the Not Too Young To Run bill was passed. In the upcoming year, young Nigerians should take advantage of this and run for office and be more involved in the political process.

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