Pulse List 2017: Most viral YouTube videos of the year

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YouTube presents the most viral videos in Nigeria for 2017.

We cannot wrap up our countdown without touching on the most viral YouTube videos of 2017.

As you know, countless videos were published on YouTube in 2017 but these ten videos were the most viral ones in Nigeria.

These are the most viral YouTube videos of the year as provided by Google

1) Deaf and Dumb


With 3,271,904 views, this Nollywood movie starring Aki & PawPaw was the most viral video of the year. Surprisingly, the child star Emmanuella was not in the video but it was hit nonetheless.

2) Welcome Back Mr President


The health issues of President Buhari was one of the main talking points of 2017. While he was away in London for months, Nigerians were on edge. There were rumours that he passed away but it was quickly shut down by the government. After his first medical trip in the UK, the President came back in March 2017. The video presently has 1,387,068 views.

3) Maths Teacher


Mark Angel is Nigeria’s leading comedian on YouTube. Thanks to Emmanuella, he has 1.5 million followers on YouTube. The comedy skit ‘Maths Teacher’ is the third most viral YouTube video and it features Emmanuella up to her normal pranks.

4) Biafra: Kanu I Want Binta To See This


The Biafra movement was heavy in 2017 and at the forefront was Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB group. This video shows the IPOB protesting during the year.

5) Evans the Kidnapper


In one of the most riveting stories of the year, Evans the billionaire kidnapper was arrested by the police. This video shows Evans big mansion where he and his family lived in as he terrorized the nation.

6) Boko Haram documentary


The terrorist group Boko Haram is not as strong as it once was but it is still active. Within the year, Channels Television released a 45 minute documentary on the terrorist outfit.

7) Wo by Olamide


This Nigerian rapper is pop culture demigod. His single ‘Wo’ was a dance fever that gripped the nation. The video was equally addictive and it raked up to a million views in no time. The video which is simple and straight to the point is one of the most viral videos of the year.

8) Longer Throat


Mark Angel and Emmanuella do it for the culture again with another short clip that was a viral sensation. Mark Angel and Emmanuella have been able to strike comedy gold and duplicate it effortlessly.

9) Our President Is Back


This was a catfish move that worked well. Using the health issues of the President, Nollywood Box Office published an old Pete Edochie movie where he acted as a movie tyrant in March 2017. Whether you like it or not, the move worked as the movie has over 1m views on YouTube.

10) Akpos & Beauty 1


A comical and nonsensical short video which further reinstates the facts that Nigerians are mad about comedy.

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