Pulse List 2017: Top 7 social media moments of the year

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Pastor E.A Adeboye was one of the men of God who hit at Freeze's comments on tithing

These are the top moments on social media in 2017 that made buying data worth it.

In 2017, we had our share of fun, crazy, hot and controversial moments on social media.

Twitter was popping and Instagram was on fire as usual. We had bants, epic clap backs, scandals and societal issues that fed our eyes throughout the entire year.

Unfortunately, we just have to narrow it down to just seven. I am sure these ten moments would give you enough memories of what went down on social media this year.

1) Tithing 


There was nothing bigger than the issue of tithing on social media this year. Pushed by one man, Daddy Freeze, the OAP challenged Pentecostal pastors on the issue of tithing. Daddy Freeze expressed that it was a concept to milk poor churchgoers. Nigerian pastors and Christians did not take this claim lightly and blasted Daddy Freeze online. The controversy also sparked an online discussion on tithing which is still ongoing.

2) Loose Talk podcast featuring M.I


This was a hot moment on social media in 2017. The Loose Talk podcast featuring M.I and Loose Kanon was a huge moment in Nigeria's music and media culture. After vehemently reacting to an open letter written to him on Pulse, M.I showed up for the Loose Talk podcast and had an honest, brutal and raw conversation with the hosts. The podcast trended for a whole week and opened a new chapter of how artists relate to journalists. Epic.

3) Keep The Change Bae


Hands down this had to be one of the top moments on social media. The hashtag #KeepTheChange went on for days and sparked a conversation about expectations.

A young Ibadan based man by the name of Ayodeji Pablo decided to air a young lady out who went out on a date with him but rejected his romantic gestures. He blasted her for allowing him to spend on her and turning him down later. The babe later calculated all that he spent and gave him the money with extra change with the hashtag #keepthechange. It was an epic clap back and the young man in question still ridiculed for it till today.

4) EFCC Twitter account


The EFCC Twitter account is arguably the top social media account of the year. The boring Twitter account of the EFCC sparked into life early 2017. EFCC started tweeting bants, jokes and epic clap backs. The account was a must follow for many people on Twitter who wanted to laugh their heads off. The EFCC Twitter account was hot for months. Later in the year, it was revealed that Nigerian rapper F Shaw was behind the lively and humorous account. 

5) #HurtBae


This hashtag represents all the tweets about cheating, infidelity and holding on to toxic love, topics that are mainstays on our timelines.

In February 2017, a video was released of a woman asking her ex why he cheated on her several times. It was a moving discussion of betrayal and love. The video quickly went viral in many countries and was tweeted about for many weeks. 

6) Abuja Babes


What's Twitter without the usual sex scandal and washing dirty linens in public. The capital city of Abuja hit by this Twitter scandal of two former besties now turned enemies. In the mother of all thread, the two women aired out ugly and past sins including short men, sleeping with married men and pastors as well as 'juju'. It was a terrible look for Abuja Twitter peeps who before this scandal saw themselves as drama free.

7) Mainland vs Island


The ongoing battle between the two divides in Lagos entered well into 2017. The usually funny bants between Islanders and Mainlanders turned a bit ugly during the rainy season of 2017. On one really rainy Saturday, mainlanders made fun of the Islanders as photos of the flood on Lagos Island trended on social media.

The mainlanders blasted the Islanders for paying a lot of money to live in expensive places that get flooded every year. The Islanders did not appreciate the jabs and lashed out saying properties were lost. As fate would have it, the following week the flood moved to the mainland and the Islanders had their pound of flesh.

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