Pulse List: 5 activities that are considered bad in dreams

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Bad dreams have people running for spiritual help

There are certain activities that happen in dreams that are seen as troubling.

The Yorubas have a saying that dreams are stupid. We have dreams that defy logic and seem weird to us.

There is a school of thought that believes that no dream is stupid, no matter how silly it is. These people believe a dream holds a lot of meaning and is a snapshot of an event that will likely happen in one's life.

This has led to myths concerning certain types of objects in your dreams. Interpretation of dreams is taking seriously in Nigeria because of the belief that dreams indicate possible futuristic events.


Here are some of the popular activities that are considered bad when they occur in dreams;

1) Eating in your dream


It is widely believed that eating food in your dream is a bad omen. The popular interpretation of this is that you are being poisoned by your enemy. This particular belief has been duplicated so many times in Nollywood over the decades.

2) Having sex in your dream


According to Nigerians, when this happens in your dream you have been initiated to the spiritual world and demonic possession. It is believed that men and women get tied to demons when they have sex in their dreams.

3) Flying


This is another activity in dreams that is widely perceived to be bad. Spiritualists in Nigeria say anyone who flies in his or her dream has been initiated into witchcraft. Flying in dreams is seen as a sign of evil association.

4) Dying


When you die in your dream it is believed to be a premonition of what is about to happen in real life. It is widely believed that evil forces are after you and they have placed a bounty on your head.

5) Physical Combat


The popular belief is that when you fight in your dream, it means you are fighting against dark forces of the spiritual world. Even some Christians believe this is true and that is why they pray and fast if they dream they are being assaulted or beaten.

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