Pulse List: 5 things every Nigerian millennial should be woke about

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It's time to be woke about certain things

These are topics that every young Nigerian should be passionate about.

Woke or wokeness are more than buzzwords that wannabe cool people throw around because they want to appear deep and knowledgeable.

Being woke is being aware of societal issues and how they affect you. Wokeness is not an affirmation of cool or a hip status but an indicator of interest in societal matters.


So, if you want to be woke in Naija here are five things to be concerned about.

1) Illegal immigration to Europe


The slave trade crisis in Libya is just a tip of the problem. For decades, Nigerians have been illegally travelling to Europe via North Africa. Trafficking cartels have been shipping Nigerian girls to Europe as sex workers. The focus on Libya while timely is just a part of the problem.

2) Sexual harassment and rape


These two things are twin devils of the Nigerian society. We cannot talk enough about sexual harassment and rape. From our timelines, it is very clear that not enough people are woke about this issue.

3) The plight of house-helps


Shout out to eLDee the Don for bringing this up. House-helps in Nigeria is not treated well in most homes. Unfortunately, most Nigerians don’t see it that way as the house-help culture has been ingrained in our culture. If you are truly woke you should be concerned about millions of young women treated badly.

4) Education


The state of education is poor in Nigeria. Over the years, the government hasn’t fully focused on education and this has affected the quality of education. Nigerian universities are far from the best in the world.

5) Police Brutality


#EndSARS has been trending all weekend which is a good sign. It is high time we start talking about police brutality in the country and the wrongful profiling of young people as criminals.

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