Pulse List: 5 tips to help you turn up this December

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Tips you need to turn up this December

These are the things you should do to have maximum fun this December.

December is going to be lit! It's crazy to think about all the concerts,  festivals, parties and raves there is this month.

The last month of the year is stacked with so many events. Every day in December has an event.

Now, after grinding hard from January-December, you want to turn up during the last 31 days of the year. It's to have some fun as we celebrate Christmas and usher in a New Year.

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Like a lot of things in life, turning up in December has a set of loose things to do and not to do. These guides will help you maximize the fun and cut the danger.


Here is the complete guide to partying in December below;

1) Do not go out alone

Turning up in December is a way better experience if you do it with your friends, squad or tribe. You can also add wolf pack to that list. The fun is much more epic if you do it with your friends as nights out in town become great memories. Security wise it is better to go with friends because it reduces the chance of being assaulted or robbed.

2) Power Bank


When you are out and about it is necessary to have a power bank. At events, the batteries on most smartphones go out kick because we want to put everything on Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat. It is best you have a power bank with you so you don't run out of juice. It also reduces the chance of you not being able to hail an Uber or Taxify because your battery is dead.

3) Have a backup phone

It is very, very, very important to have a backup phone. There are some events where the security isn't well organized and you have to be extra careful. Instead of relying solely on your expensive smartphone, get a cheap Nokia phone a.k.a Nokia torchlight. It is functional and safer. Make sure you have all your important numbers on this phone just in case you lose your main phone at an event.

4) Let someone know where you are at all times

This is another important tip. It's cool to go out with friends and have a night of fun but let someone at home know where you are at all times. If you are going to four nightclubs, let that person know you would be at these clubs. This is very important just in case anything happens.

5) Just Hail A Cab


This should be a no-brainer. If you are too drunk or high to drive just hail a cab. Don't think you have the skills to drive when your senses are clouded. To avoid stories that touch just hail a cab. Too many people end up dead during the ember months because they thought they could drive home while drunk.

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