Pulse List: 5 types of people we don't want to see on Twitter in 2018

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5 types of people we do not want to see on Twitter in 2018

Twitter is cool but we would prefer not to see these types of people in 2018.

2017 is nearly over and most of us are hoping not to see some things re-occur on Twitter.

The social network was a madhouse in 2017 with a lot of things going down. Some of them were good and some of them were just plain bad.

Here are 5 things we don’t want to see on Twitter in 2018;

1) Pick Me Up Twitter


This is the self-righteous part of Twitter NG where its members blow their trumpets and paint themselves as saints. Pick Me Up Twitter comes off as very lame and annoying. Going into the New Year we don’t want people telling us how they are the ideal boyfriend/girlfriend material.

2) Rape apologists


There is no excuse for rape but some people on Twitter don’t get it. Whenever a case of sexual assault or rape comes up on the TL, they blame the victim for getting raped. In 2018, we should have a zero tolerance towards this type of people.

3) Gender Wars

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Some of us really got sick of the gender wars that happened a lot on Twitter this year. Everyone needs to chill on the men versus women argument in 2018. Twitter used to be a place fun, let’s not forget that.

4) Pro-Domestic Violence guy


There is always one guy that tends to bring up a reason why men should beat up women. He tells you domestic violence is bad but adds a ‘but’ and offers a reason why women shouldn’t ‘provoke’ men into anger. Nah, bro. There is no place for you on Twitter in 2018.

5) Catfish scammers


 In 2017, I bet a good looking woman slid into your DM or timeline to beg for money. Most times, the person behind the account is a fraudster. We had a lot of these accounts around this year but thankfully a couple of them were exposed. In this New Year, we don’t these catfish swindlers hanging on our timelines.

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