Pulse List: 7 New Year's resolution we never keep

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A list of resolutions we make every year

We promise ourselves that we won't break these New Year resolutions but we fail early on.

Th New Year is a few hours away. 2018 is just around the corner and in usual tradition, young Nigerians are making New Year's resolutions.

Making a New Year resolution is what we do at the beginning of a New Year. We make these resolutions and somewhere along the line, we lose it.

For many people, it is a yearly tradition and the resolutions revolve around the same things.

Below is a list of New Year resolutions that we know we are not going to keep in 2018.

1) Save more money


We always tell ourselves that we are going to save more money in the New Year. Does this happen? No. In 2018 many of us will spend till we get to the last N1,000 in our bank accounts. Then when its December we swear not make the same mistake the following year.

2) Get fit

The gyms are always full at the beginning of the year but as the months roll by, we forget about keeping fit. Everyone promises to hit the gym regularly at the beginning of the year but by June, July it is all a distant memory.

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3) Drink less


A lot of people make resolutions to reduce their alcohol intake which is a good thing. Only a few see it through. Before you know it, these peeps are back with a bottle of booze in their hands.

4) Smoke less


Smoking nicotine is bad. Making a New Year resolution to smoke less or quit smoking is a good thing. Let's hope in 2018 these people find the mental strength and resolve to actually do it.

5) Eat healthily


Everyone wants that killer body or summer body as they say. Some swear to themselves that they would stay off junk food and eat only healthy meals. Well...your guess is as good as ours.

6) Not be addicted to social media


Social media is a drug and towards the end of the year, most people tend to be sick about how much control it has over them. As part of their New Year's resolution, they promise to cut the amount of time they spend on Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat. We know that's a resolution that never lasts long.

7) Read more


We all want to read more books and within the first few months we do read a few books but as the months roll by we tend to forget about this New Year resolution.

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