Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers say Edna should make her mother stop cheating

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This is one confused lady

39% have advised Edna to threaten her mother with telling her father about her cheating so she could stop.

Edna has always been very close to her father, a kind of Daddy's girl, so finding out that her mother has been cheating on him for many years is devastating.

And to make matters worse, her mother has been cheating with her father's best friend who is like a family member.

Though her mother has begged for forgiveness, Edna is torn between love for her father and breaking their marriage of 26 years.

Read her story here:

"My name is Edna, a 24-year-old lady. I finished my National Youth Service Corps scheme some months ago and came back home to start job hunting.

My parents have been married for 26 years and have always had a very interesting marriage. I have three siblings and they have always tried to give us the best they could afford.

The seemingly happy marriage is now being threatened after I found out that my mother had been having a secret affair with one of dad's best friends and business partner for many years.

The man whom I call uncle Mark, is more like a family friend and we the kids exchange visits and I can pop into their house without notice and would be treated like one of them.

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His first daughter, Nimi, is my age mate and my best friend. In fact, we could pass for sisters as we are so close many people think we are related.

I am what you would call a daddy's girl because as the only girl, I have always been close to my father. He dots on me and calls me his mother. I love my father so much and the betrayal from my mother is not only painful but very devastating.

I cannot begin to think what will happen if my father gets to know that a woman he has loved for so many years would be sleeping with his own friend.

I got to find out that my mother and 'uncle Mark' were having a secret affair when Nimi hinted me about the sordid affair. She too had found out by mistake and had wanted to tell her mother but first wanted me to know about it.

At first, I did not believe her until she showed me some text messages the two of them had been exchanging. The text messages were so explicit and raunchy, like the kinds young lovers would exchange.

We decided to monitor them and one day, Nimi found a text message her father sent to my mother telling her to meet him at a guest house at a particular time.

We went to the guest house and hid around the place and at the exact time, we saw Nimi' father drive in, shortly followed by mum's car.

We stealthily followed them and saw them book into a room. We gave them some minutes before we went to knock on the door, pretending to be waitresses. My mother was the one that opened the door and she had a towel tied around her waist while Nimi's dad was on the bed in his boxer shorts.

They were both shocked to the bone marrow seeing us and began begging us not to expose them. Nimi wanted to charge into the room but I held her back and dragged her away from the place so that she would not create a scene.

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When mum came home, she came to my room and begged me not to tell dad, promising never to indulge in such again. I asked her how long she had been dating 'uncle Mark' and she said they had been dating secretly for over 10 years. Can you imagine that?

Nimi's father, on the other, has also been begging her not to expose him. We have not decided yet on what to do and that is the reason I want your readers to tell us what to do. Personally, I am very disappointed with my mother. I am hurting on my dad's behalf.


The teaser for the day was:

Do you think Edna should tell her father about her mother?

How Nigeria voted:

Edna should tell her father about her cheating mother - 37%

Edna should not tell her father so as not to break her parent's marriage - 14%

Edna should threaten her mother with exposure so she can stop cheating - 39%

Edna should keep her mother's secret for the sake of the marriage - 10%

How would your vote swing here?

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