Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers say Henry should report his stepmother to his family

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This young man is seriously confused and needs advice (Illustration)

45% believe Henry should report his late father's wife to the police for harassing him sexually a few months after his father's death.

Henry is in a serious dilemma as his young stepmother, Edith, has been making life difficult for him by constantly harassing him sexually.

And this is just nine months after his father died and left him with the responsibility of looking after the family.

Despite all his resistance, the woman is not ready to take his rejection and has even threatened to report him to the family for attempting to rape her.

Read his story here:

"My name is Henry, a 27-year-old man from Edo State. I lost my father who was a wealthy chief about nine months ago but the young woman he got married to about three years ago is making life difficult for me.

My father had four wives with the youngest, Edith, being just three years older than me. As the eldest son, I have been the one managing my father's business interests since his death. I make sure I give the four wives, including my mother, what is due them every month as well as take care of other things.

But Edith has been tormenting me sexually even while she is still mourning my father. The whole thing started six months after my father's death when she came to my room one night and begged me to increase her allowance as she had a lot of debts to settle.

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I told her I would look into the matter and asked her to give me a list of her creditors so that I could verify them.

The next morning, she came to me and presented a list which, even to an untrained eye, would know it was very fake. After scanning the list, I told Edith plainly that it was fake and that I could not give her the N3 million she requested for.

She broke down in tears and started begging me, saying she was ready to do anything for me to give her the money, including sleeping with me. I was thrown back by what she said and told her to leave my room.

But when I thought she had taken the hint, Edith has been sexually harassing me, often coming into my room at odd hours dressed in skimpy negligees and see-through skirts.

One day, she opened up and told me that she is sex-starved and that since I was now the man of the house, there would be nothing wrong with us having sex. She said since she was legally married to my father, it would not be a sin for us to be sleeping together.

On another day, she came to my room and stripped naked and tried to force herself on me. I managed to push her out and told her that I will be forced to tell members of the family if she did not stop what she was doing.

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But she told me that no one would believe me and that she could even tell them that I tried to rape her. She then said that if she is caught sleeping with another man, no one should blame her.

I know what Edith is trying to do is a big abomination in our place but she is really tormenting me.

What do I do? Should I report her to the kinsmen or just keep fending her off?


The teaser for the day was:

What do you think Henry should do with Edith?

How Nigeria voted:

Henry should report Edith to members of the family - 45%

Henry should continue to avoid Edith - 20%

Henry should give Edith what she wants as his father is death - 10%

Henry should tell his mother to warn Edith secretly - 25%

How would you vote on this issue?

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