Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers say Idy should avoid his neighbour's wife at all cost

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This worried man needs advice (Illustration)

57% of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters say Idy should do everything possible to avoid his neighbour's wife who is harassing him sexually.

Idy is a young man who is preparing to marry his fiancee, Emem early next year and in preparation for that, he got a new apartment.

But from the day he moved in, one his neighbour's wife has not made life easy for him as she has tried every trick in the world to get him to sleep with her.

He has been resilient in rejecting her advances but she is hell-bent on making him fall into the temptation.

Read his story here:

"My name is Idy, a 30-year-old man living and working in Lagos. I moved into a new flat two months ago in preparation for my wedding which has been slated for early next year.

But since I moved in, my neighbour's wife has not given me peace as she has tried every trick in the book to get me to sleep with her.

This woman who should be in her late 30s, lives with her husband and three children in the flat opposite mine. Her husband travels often and that gives her the freedom to come into my apartment all the time on flimsy excuses.

When I moved in, she and her husband were very nice to me and did everything to help me settle in. The man is a very nice guy and invited me to eat with the family once in a while.

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When I told him I was getting married next year, he was very happy and gave me tips on how to live with a wife. Once in a while, he would invite me out for drinks at a nearby joint.

Whenever he travelled, the wife would spend most of her time in my apartment during weekends especially when my fiancee did not come. She would help me cook and clean the place.

All the while, I thought she was just being nice and I reciprocated by buying things for her kids who call me uncle and took them to the eatery or movies once in a while.

When I introduced my fiancee, Emem, to her, I noticed that she was not very happy and though she pretended to be happy for me that I was getting married, I noticed that she was withdrawn for the duration Emem stayed.

She stepped up her game when she started to talk about sex and how much she misses it especially when her husband travels for weeks. She would talk about the different sex styles she loves and how her husband is so old school and only wants the missionary style.

I was never comfortable when she began talking about sex but I thought she was just playing out fantasies in her head till the day she told me she wondered what I would be like in bed and how she couldn't wait to find out.

I told her she would never find out as I had no intention of cheating on my fiancee and especially not with a married woman.

She took offence with that and asked if she was not good looking or sexy enough and I had to calm her down. Her next plan was to come to my flat at night dressed in see-through nightgowns all in her bid to tempt me.

It got to a head one night when she came into my sitting room and before I knew what she was doing, she had stripped naked and told me she was so horny and begged me to have sex with her even if it was just that night.

I had only my boxer shorts on and it took all my self-discipline to hold back from having sex with her that night and when I managed to get her out of my room, I vowed to avoid her as much as I can in the future.

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She is not relenting and even when her husband is around, this woman keeps harassing me sexually. I do not want to take advantage of her especially as her husband is such a nice man and the children take me like a family member.

I don't also want to report her to her husband so as not to destroy her home.

What should I do?


The teaser for the day was:

What do you think Idy should do in the face of this sexual harassment?

How Nigeria voted:

Idy should report the woman to her husband - 20%

Idy should tell his fiancee so she can warn the woman - 24%

Idy should avoid the woman at all cost - 57%

Idy should sleep with the woman since that is what she wants - 2%

How would your vote go here?

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