Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers say Moses should divorce his cheating wife

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It takes a lot for a man to cry

65% of Pulse Nigeria Poll are of the opinion that Moses should send Benita packing after discovering three of their children do not belong to him.

Moses has been married to Benita for 12 years and they have five children, or so he thought because a secret DNA test he carried on the children has shown that three of them are not his.

He got to learn of his wife's infidelity when she had a quarrel with a neighbour and the woman exposed her.

As it turned out, a man Moses thought was his good friend has been sleeping with his wife for years under his very nose.

Read his story here:

"My name is Moses, a 40-year-old man living with serious pains after I discovered that three children I thought were mine actually belong to my wife's secret lover who incidentally, is a family friend.

I got married to Benita 12 years ago and we have five children, or I should say I have two children because I just found out that three of those kids I have laboured over do not belong to me.

I always thought that Osas, the man who has turned out to be my number one enemy, was my friend and close confidant, not knowing that he would turn out to be the devil in disguise.

I am into the supply of industrial gas and Osas worked in one of the companies I supply my products to and when I was trying to make a breakthrough into the company, Osas played a big role in making sure I got the contract.

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Though it did not come cheap, as I had to grease his palms so that I could get the contract, he helped me push through and in the end, I was placed as a retainer in the company and naturally, I took him as a friend.

I invited him to my house the following weekend where I entertained him and introduced him to my wife. I later got to know his wife and we became close family friends, exchanging visits often.

His wife and my wife became friends when they found out that they were from the same state and our relationship waxed strong since then.

I never had any reason to suspect that Osas could be having a secret affair with my wife till the ugly incident that reared its head. My wife got into a serious quarrel with a neighbour's wife and during the quarrel, I heard the woman say she would expose my wife.

The bitter quarrel led to a series of secrets being revealed by them and the woman told my wife to take her three bastard children to the owner.

Initially, I had decided to ignore them but when I heard the statement the woman made, I came out of the room and asked her what she meant and she told me to go and find out who owned our third to last child and that I should ask my wife whether they belonged to me.

I was taken aback and pulled Benita into the room and asked her what the woman meant. When she did not say anything, I knew there was some truth in what the woman said and I probed further.

But she would not say anything and I kept quiet but within me, I knew what I was going to do. Two days later, I took all the kids out on the pretext that I was taking them to an eatery but secretly, I took them to a doctor friend and asked that a DNA test be conducted on them.

Lo and behold, the test results showed that three of the children did not belong to me. When I got home, I locked our bedroom door and brought out a machete and swore that I was going to kill Benita if she failed to tell me who the three children belong to.

When she saw that I was very serious, she confessed that the children belong to Osas. I was even shocked at the way I was calm about the whole matter. I went to Osas's office but he was not at work.

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I drove to his house where his wife told me he had travelled. I don't know what I would have done if I had met him but I am sure blood would have flowed that day.

I have not seen him since then. I guess Benita must have tipped him off. As for her, I have resolved to send her packing and no amount of begging would ever bring her back. I am still undecided on what to do with the kids.

I am at crossroads and that is why I need advice from your readers before I commit murder.


The teaser for the day was:

What would you advise Moses to do?

How Nigeria voted:

Moses should send his wife packing immediately - 65%

Moses should sue Osas for sleeping with his wife - 10%

Moses should never let go of the children - 24%

Moses should forgive his wife and keep the family secret - 12%

What will be your vote here?

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